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  1. Diverticular disease:
    pharyngocele, Zenker, Killian Jamieson, traction, pulsion, pseudodiverticula, epiphrenic
  2. Luminal narrowing:
    webs, Plummer-Vinson, vascular ring, Schatzki ring,
  3. Luminal narrowing: strictures
    (reflux, meds, skin lesions, tumor, mets, radiation, eosinophilic gastroenteritis, Crohn�s, lye, Barrett�s, infection, NGT, achalasia, scleroderma, Chagas),
  4. Luminal narrowing: extrinsic compression
    (aorta, left bronchus, left atrium, mediastinal tumor)
  5. High stricture:
    Barrett�s, radiation, caustic ingestion, CA, mets, meds, skin dz, Crohn�s
  6. Low stricture:
    peptic stricture, lower esophageal ring, Barrett�s
  7. Nodules/plaques: diffuse �
    reflux, Candida, glycogenic acanthosis;
  8. Nodules/plaques localized �
    Candida, superficial spreading CA, Barrett�s
  9. Ulcers:
    distal � reflux, Crohn�s; small, mid � herpes, medications (tetracycline, doxycycline, KCl, iron, quinidine, NSAIDs, vit C, Fosamax), Crohn�s; giant � CMV, HIV
  10. Megaesophagus:
    achalasia, scleroderma, distal narrowing from tumor or stricture, Chagas
  11. Contrast extravasation:
    esophagitis, tumor, vomiting (MW tear, Boerhaave), TE fistula, foregut duplication cyst with communication to esophagus, iatrogenic, trauma
  12. Solitary filling defects: intraluminal �
    food impaction, foreign body, fibrovascular polyp, spindle cell tumor, leiomyosarcoma, adenocarcinoma;
  13. Solitary filling defects: tumor �
    leiomyoma, fibrovascular polyp, duplication cyst, papilloma, fibroma, hemangioma, SCC, adenocarcinoma, spindle cell tumor, lymphoma, mets (breast, lung, KS, melanoma, RCC);
  14. Solitary filling defects: varices �
    uphill (portal HTN), downhill (SVC obstruction);
  15. Solitary filling defects: extrinsic �
    lymph nodes, engorged vessels, aneurysms, cysts
  16. Thickened folds:
    esophagitis, lymphoma, varicoid carcinoma, varices
  17. Air-fluid level:
    hiatal hernia, esophageal diverticulum, CA, achalasia, scleroderma
  18. Feline esophagus:
    reflux, motor disorders
  19. Corkscrew esophagus:
    diffuse esophageal spasm, presbyesophagus
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