Us History wars

  1. No european recolonization in latin america, any would be consisdered a direct attack to us
    Monroe Doctrine
  2. U.S. wll pay debts of the latin american countries, no reasons for europeans to interfere
    Roosevelt Corollary
  3. Taking advantage of stories to get people to think in your favor
    Yellow Journalism
  4. his idea to build up navy
    Alfred Mahan
  5. Explosion of this U.S. ship killed 100s of Americans. Start of "A splendid little war".
    The Maine
  6. U.S. had equal access to china's millions of consumers
    Open door policy
  7. withdrew troops from cuba
    platt amendment
  8. necessary to build so U.S. could travel through
    panama canal
  9. maintaing orderly societies abroad by increasing u.s. investment in foreign economics
    dollar diplomacy
  10. control over another country
  11. policy involved aggressively building up a nations armed forces in preparation for war
    -military gained moe authority
  12. readying the troops
  13. U-boat changed the rules of naval warfare
    submarine warfare
  14. Civilian cuise liner sunk by German U-boats
    -carrying brittish war goods
  15. Pres. who wanted to keep U.S. out of ww1
    Woodrow Wilson
  16. a secret offer to mexico from germany intercepted by the british
    Zimmerman note
  17. convoy
    consisted of groups of unarmed ships surronded by a ring of destroyers, two pedo boats and other armed naval vessels
  18. recommended U.S. focus more on air force then navy
    Billy Mitchell
  19. U.S., England, and russia to workout future of germany, and poland
    -disputes over polands gov
    Yalta Conference
  20. Unconditional surender announced; Truman got word Abomb successfully tested
    The Potsdam conference
  21. represented communist domination and oppression
    Iron Curtain
  22. soviet agency by stalin
  23. america's foriegn policy after ww2 w/ comuninism
  24. assumes every nation wants democracy, guided u.s. into cold war
    the truman doctrine
  25. S.U. foriegn policy to protect communism
    the brezhev doctrine
  26. may 8, 1945
    V-E day
  27. a program of economic recovery from ww1
    marshall plan
  28. berlin airlift
    moved supplies into west berlin by plane
  29. NATO
    north atlantic treaty organization
  30. collective security
    idea of mutual millitary assistance
  31. warsaw pact
    • soviet unions responce
    • -a military alliance w/ its satellite nations
  32. federal civil defence administation
    gave info on how to survive a nuclear attck
  33. 38th parallel
    dividing line of the koreas
  34. douglas MacCarther
    • a hero of 2 ww / anti communist
    • fired for insubordination
  35. Joseph Mccarthy
    sentator of WI accused 205 people of being communist
  36. Suez crises of 1956
    Eygpt seized British canal, After aid cut off
  37. Gamal Abdel Nassar
    an eygption ruler at time of suez canal crises
  38. The rio pact
    a regional defence allince with 18 other ntions n the wetern hemisphere
  39. Brinkmanship
    prepared to risk war to protect its national interests
  40. Bay of Pigs Invasion
    • April 17th, total disaster
    • US failed in invading cuba
  41. Deferment
    • official postponement of their call to serve.
    • offered to college students.
  42. President Johnson's War
    "You see, the communists will rule the world , and if we don't step up to them they will do it."
  43. Pentagon Papers
    Articles based on a classified govt study of u.s. involvement in the vietnam war
  44. Agent Orange
    • Killed the leaves in the jungle.
    • -elephant grass tall with razor sharp edges
  45. Walker Cronkite
    • CBS news reporter
    • "To say that we are mired in stalemate seems the only realistic, yet unsatisfactory, conclusion."
  46. Selective Service System
    college students who ranked low could be drafted.
  47. General William C. Westmoreland
    "I do not see now the enemy can long sustain [his] heave losses."
  48. Geneva Conference
    A conference when vietnam divided into two seperate nations.
  49. My Lai Massacre
    all prisoners killed - ordered by lieutenant William l. Calley Jr.
  50. Ngo Dinh Diem
    • South Vietnam leader
    • -Put in place by U.S.
    • Lacked support
  51. Richard Nixon
    • elected in 1968
    • reduced amount of troops in Vietnam
  52. General Earie G Wheeler
    "...We are winning the war in vietnam but Hanoi is still not ready to give up."
  53. Ohio's Kent state University, 1970
    Campus violence, National Guard opened fired on school protestors, four killed.
  54. Democratic Society (SDS)
    • declaration of Huron Statement.
    • Principles and goals.
    • Mostly written by Tom Hayden
  55. Saturation Bombing
    • raids drop 1000s of tons of explosives over large areas
    • -destroyed North Vietnam
  56. The Free Speech Movement
    • Students fought for free speech arrested
    • Strikes- stopped attending classes.
  57. Robert McNamara
    • Kennedy's closet advisor
    • -helped shape policies that drew U.S. deeper into war
    • "More training wouldn't strengthen them' therefore we should get out."
  58. Vietnimisation
    term for when Nixon removed troops from vietnam
  59. Ho Chi Minh Trail
    a supply route that passed through Loas and Cambodia
  60. Wall Street Journal
    "We think the american people should be getting ready to accept... the prospect that the whole vietnam effort may be doomed."
  61. Napalm
    a destructive Jelly-like "fire bomb"
  62. Alain Enthoven
    • Sect. of Defense
    • "A new strategy must be sought."
  63. Tom Hayden
    • Mostly wrote the declaration of Huron Statement
    • "We are people of this generation we seek the establishment of a democracy of individual participation."
  64. Clark Clifford
    • credited for the turn about in johnson's policies
    • suggested Johnson meet with "wise-men"
  65. The Viet Cong
    • name given by Diem
    • -Communist guerillas in the South
  66. New Left
    • New political movement,
    • Believed problems such as poverty and racism called for radical changes.
  67. The teach in movement
    teach a special night session in which issues concerning the war could be aired
  68. Conscientious objectors
    people who refused to be drafted in first half of 1960s
  69. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
    gave president control over what U.S. did in vietnam
  70. Eddie Adams
    took photo of suspected viet-cong member being executed by S.V. national police chief
  71. The tet offensive
    • Surprise attacks by N.V. and V.C. on major cities and towns. On a vietnam holiday. U.S. barely won
    • Major turning point
  72. Harry C. McPherson
    "Fed up with light at the end of the tunnel"
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