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  1. Filling defects: benign (often 1st portion, asx) �
    adenoma, leiomyoma, lipoma, villous adenoma, ectopic pancreas;
  2. Filling defects: malignant (often distal to 1st portion, sx) �
    adenocarcinoma at or distal to papilla, leiomyosarcoma, lymphoma, mets (melanoma, breast, KS, carcinoid);
  3. Filling defects: bulb �
    ectopic gastric mucosa, prolapsed antral mucosa, Brunner gland hyperplasia, varices, duodenitis, Crohn�s, lymphoma, sprue, CF, polyposis, benign tumors;
  4. Filling defects: distal �
    benign lymphoid hyperplasia, ectopic pancreas, annular pancreas, ampulla of Vater, tumor, edema with impacted or passed gallstone, choledochocele;
  5. Filling defects: soft and changing �
    choledochocele, lipoma, duplication cyst
  6. Target lesion:
    leiomyoma, leiomyosarcoma, met (melanoma, KS, breast, lung, lymphoma), ulcer, ZE syndrome
  7. Luminal outpouchings:
    ulcer, diverticulum, choledochoduodenal or cholecystoduodenal fistula
  8. Reverse figure 3 sign:
    pancreatitis, pancreatic CA
  9. Notched duodenum:
    annular pancreas, post-bulbar ulcer, Crohn�s, post-op, pancreatitis, pancreatic CA
  10. Postbulbar narrowing:
    adenocarcinoma, lymphoma, mets, postbulbar ulcer, duodenitis, Crohn�s, pancreatitis (extrinsic), pancreatic CA, annular pancreas, intramural diverticulum, duodenal duplication cyst, duodenal hematoma, aortic aneurysm, SMA syndrome (seen in scleroderma, lymphoma)
  11. Papillary enlargement:
    >15mm; normal variant, choledochocele, papillary edema (pancreatitis, acute duodenal ulcer, impacted stone), ampullary CA
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