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  1. Extrahepatic biliary dilatation: intrapancreatic (#1) �
    pancreatic CA, calculus, chronic pancreatitis;
  2. Extrahepatic biliary dilatation: suprapancreatic �
    cholangioCA, metastatic lymph nodes;
  3. Extrahepatic biliary dilatation: portal �
    cholangioCA, GB CA, surgical strictures, hepatoma; choledochal cyst
  4. Types of obstruction: tumor �
    abrupt termination of duct, mass adjacent to duct;
  5. Types of obstruction: pancreatitis �
    smooth, long tapering;
  6. Types of obstruction: lithiasis-related �
    calculus visible, meniscus sign, intrahepatic dilatation;
  7. Types of obstruction: cholangitis �
    sclerosing, AIDS, oriental; Caroli�s; biliary cystadenoma
  8. Double duct sign:
    dilated BD and PD; pancreatitis, pancreatic CA, stone impacted in ampulla, cholangioCA, duodenal or ampullary CA
  9. Filling defects in bile duct:
    stone, blood clot, parasite, sludge, tumor
  10. Hemobilia:
    iatrogenic, tumor, trauma, infection
  11. Strictures on ERCP: hilum �
    cholangioCA, porta hepatis nodes, GB CA;
  12. Strictures on ERCP: 1cm from ampulla �
    pancreatic CA, cholangioCA, mets;
  13. Strictures on ERCP: long segment �
    chronic pancreatitis, lymphoma;
  14. Strictures on ERCP: CHD at cystic duct region �
    Mirizzi�s, GB CA, cholangioCA;
  15. Strictures on ERCP: multiple intrahepatic �
    sclerosing cholangitis, HIV, ischemic, primary biliary cirrhosis, liver mets (rare);
  16. Strictures on ERCP: multiple intrahepatic and extrahepatic �
    sclerosing cholangitis, HIV, ischemia
  17. Irregular wall and filling defects: cholangitis �
    HIV, oriental, ascending
  18. Pancreatic duct: stricture �
    • pancreatic CA, chronic pancreatitis;
    • Pancreatic duct: cystic dilatation and side branches �
    • chronic pancreatitis, IPMT;
  19. Pancreatic duct: variants �
    annular pancreas, pancreas divisum
  20. Cholecystectomy leaks:
    cystic duct remnant, duct of Luschka
  21. GB wall thickening: >3mm; diffuse �
    nonfasting GB, acute cholecystitis, chronic cholecystitis, portal HTN, hypoalbuminemia, hepatitis, AIDS (cryptosporidium, CMV, MAI), ascites;
  22. GB wall thickening: focal �
    GB CA, mets (melanoma), cholesterol polyps, adenomyomatosis, tumefactive sludge, AIDS
  23. GB wall hyperechoic foci:
    calculus, polyp, cholesterol, emphysematous cholecystitis, porcelain GB
  24. Dense gallbladder:
    vicarious excretion of contrast, calculi, milk of calcium, oral cholecystogram, hemorrhage
  25. Biliary enteric fistula:
    cholecystitis (gallstone ileus), PUD, tumor, trauma, surgery, Crohn�s
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