Anatomy E4 II, Pelvis/M Repro

  1. Primary characteristics of Bovine Pelvis (3):
    • Parallel iliac shaft
    • Trifid tuber ischiadicum
    • Concave pelvic (dish/hollowed out)
  2. Primary characteristics of Ovine Pelvis (3)
    • Slender iliac shafts
    • Straight iliac crest
    • Pronounced and laterally oriented tuber ischiadicum
  3. Pelvis of the cow (7): *
    • Narrow pelvic Inlet
    • Roof is concave
    • High Pelvic Inlet
    • Dished Pelvic Floor
    • Bony Projections
    • Small Pelvic Outlet
    • Table of ischium slopes sharply, craniodorsally
  4. Pelvic floor of...
    • Cow: Dished
    • Mare: Flat/straight
    • Ewe/Nanny= Flat, Horizontal
  5. Ewe/Nanny Pelvis
    Flat, horizontal, pelvic floor
  6. Sow pelvis
    • Birth Canal is straight
    • Large Pelvic Inlet
    • (Vaginal manipulation difficult)
  7. The Anal Canal is comprised of:
    • Coccygeus
    • Levator Ani- Internal & External Deep Fascia
    • External Anal Sphincter
  8. What does the Perineum join? What does is separate?
    • Joins: Tubera Ischiadica
    • Separates: Anal Reg/Triangle & Urogenital Reg/Triangle
  9. Urogenital MM (3):
    • Constrictor Vestibuli
    • Constrictor Vulvae
    • Retractor Clitoris
  10. Two parts of the Retractor Penis M:
    • Rectal
    • Penile
  11. What mm is invested in the root of the penis and is used to sex a dressed carcass
  12. What gluteal mm are fused in the bovine? Which is missing?
    • Superficial Gluteal & Biceps Femoris m (Gluteobiceps)
    • No Internal Obturator m
  13. Defining features of the bovine rump (3):
    • Concave
    • Poorly muscled
    • Only the gluteobicep m has vertebral head
  14. What stuctures impede urinary catheterization in the bull?
    • Sigmoid Flexure
    • Urethral Process w/ Bulbourethral Gland @ Cr portion
  15. The Uretha in M Ruminants VS F Ruminants
    • M Ruminants: Urethral Recess
    • F Ruminants: Suburethralral Diverticulum
  16. Ruminant Scrotrum: location and general appearance
    • Location- Btw the thighs
    • Appearance- vertically elongated and pendulous
  17. Which Species have a Glabrous Scrotum?
    • Bull
    • Boar
  18. Which Species have a hairy Scrotum?
    Small Ruminants
  19. Appearance of Bovine Testis:
    • Vertically elongated
    • Oval/bottle shaped
  20. Appearance of the Ovine Testis:
    • Large
    • Oval/Sperical
    • Long Vertical Axis
  21. Color of Testicular Parenchyma in Bovines? Ovines?
    • Bovines: Yellow
    • Ovines: White
  22. Location of the bovine & Ovine epididymis parts (Capital and Cauda):
    • Capital= Proximal
    • Caudate= Distal
  23. In bovines, where does the epididymis lie, relative to the testis:
  24. Which Sex Glands do Bulls have?
    • Ampulla of Ductus Deferens
    • Vesicular Gland
    • Body of Prostate
    • Par Disseminata or Prostate
    • Bulbourethral Gland
  25. What covers the Dorsal 1/3 of the proximal end of the bovine testis?
    caput epididymis
  26. Which Sex Glands do Small Rum's have?
    • Ductus Deferens
    • Vesicular Glad
    • Disseminate Part of Prostate Gland
    • Bulbourethral Gland
    • (Lack Body of DD)
  27. Which Sex Glands do Boars have?
    • Body of Prostate
    • Pars Disseminata of Prostate
    • Vesicular Gland (XXL)
    • (Lacks Ampulla of DD)
  28. The ruminant penis is of what type?
  29. Why do bulls take hteir time urinating?
    Narrow urethral process that attaches to gland
  30. Appearance of bull's glans penis
    twisted anticlockwise, to the R
  31. Appearance of the bull's penis
    long, with circular cross sections
  32. What impedes expansion of the cavernous tissues in both corpora in the bovine?
    Fused tunics covering both cavernous tissues
  33. Origin and insertion of Apical Ligament
    Tunica Albuginea -> Free end of Penis
  34. On which side is the Apical Lig thicker?
  35. What differences are seen in the ovine penis?
    • Glans penis raised into globular and highly cavernous structure
    • Free Urethral Process projects beyond the glans
  36. Where do calculi lodge in the ovine penis?
    • Sigmoid Flexure
    • Urethral Process
  37. What differentiates the ram penis from the of the goat
    tuberbulum cpongiosum
  38. Within the ruminant penis, escess elastic fibers are located where?
    Corpus Cavernosum
  39. Appearance of the Urethral Process in...
    • Bull: Tubular & Narrow
    • Boar: Free & Projects beyond glans
  40. What differences are seen in the boar's penis>
    • Globular
    • Highly Cavernous
    • Free Urethral Process that extends beyond the glans
  41. Two portions of the ruminant prepuce
    • External Lamina (hairy)
    • Internal Lamina (hairless)
  42. The prepuce invaginates at the ___ to form the internal lamina in the ruminant penis
    Preputial Orifice
  43. Appearance of the Bull's prepuce
    • Long
    • +/- Exuberant Internal Lamina
  44. Clinical Significance of the Bull's Prepuce
    • Prolapse (w/ +internal lamina)
    • Lacerated and retained outside
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