PR Ch16

  1. The first step in speechwriting is determining the
    composition of the audience
  2. a civic club, like the Rotary Club or the Lions, would require a speechwriting tone that is more
  3. Oprah is best classified as a
    nationally syndicated talk show
  4. An audience's typical attention span for a speech is about
    15-20 minutes
  5. Which element is not critical to a good powerpoint slide?

    a. descriptive text b. 4x4 rule
    c. 24-28 point type d. 2-inch margins
    a. descriptive text

    keep it simple!
  6. At a press party, the standard practice is to make your pitch to media members
    at the end of the socializing period
  7. The worst time for a press conference is
    Friday afternoon
  8. Which variable is not important when making a presentation with visual aids?

  9. When sending advance text of a speech to journalist, always include a(n)
    embargo date
  10. This person's job is to teach executives how to be concise and stay on message during a speech or interview
    media trainer
  11. Which of the following is not a type of media tour?

  12. Speechwriters should avoid using all of these, EXCEPT:

    a. contractions b. modifiers
    c. complicated words/phrases d. long sentences
  13. Speaking "off-the-record" means that
    you're asking the reporter not to publish your answers
  14. Kinetics refers to
  15. The best approach when dealing with a hostile audience is to
    find some common ground with the audience
  16. In a news conference, admitting that a situation is bad and asserting that organization plans to correct it is a strategy known as
  17. A regularly scheduled news conference is known as a
  18. A good rule-of-thumb is to invite media to a news conference at least
    one month
  19. A press party is a(n) ______ process.
  20. Which of the following is not characteristic of a print interview?

  21. Some travel organizations lavish free trips on journalists in the hopes of positive coverage. The practice of accepting these trips is often disparagingly referred to as
    junket journalism
  22. Which of the following is not a valid guideline for word choice in speeches?

  23. Which of the following is not a principal requirement for a successful radio or television broadcast?

  24. A major speech for a large convention should include
    33mm slides and video clips
  25. Most news conferences have a(n) ______ intent.
  26. A key element in training executives to deal with the media is
    the mock interview
  27. Travel and tourism practitioners often employ the media relations practice of
    "fam" trips
  28. A visual aid that usually consists of information on poster boards or a large-page tablet mounted on an easel is a(n)
    flip chart
  29. In general, an answer to a question during a radio or television interview should be no longer than
    30 seconds
  30. The first words of a speech are often devoted to
    setting the stage
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