Pregnancy schedule

  1. When should you get nuchal translucency screening?
    10-13 weeks.
  2. When should one get the Quad screen?
    Between 16-18 weeks.
  3. Which 4 tests does the Quad screen test for?
    • 1) Alpha-fetoprotein
    • 2) hcG
    • 3) estriol
    • 4) inhibin-A
  4. When should you get the Chorionic Villus Sampling?
    Between 10-13 weeks.
  5. When should amniocentesis be done?
    14-20, but usually 15-18
  6. When should Group B strep be tested?
    Between 35-37 weeks, usually 36.
  7. When is testing done for Gestational DM?
    24-28 weeks, usually 28
  8. What is the top cause of inaccurate AFP?
    Inacurrate dating of pregnancy.
  9. What are 3 things a high AFP could signify?
    spina bifida, anecephaly, GI malformation (omphalocoele)
  10. What could a low AFP signify?
    Down syndrome
  11. What else is AFP used to detect?
    Liver Cancer, ovarian/testicular cancers
  12. What trisomy is Down syndrome?
    Trisomy 21.
  13. Where is AFP produced?
    Yolk sac, and liver
  14. What would a high inhibin A suggest?
    • Down syndrome
    • (along w/ low AFP and increased Beta-hCG)
  15. What weeks does a primagravid mom usually feel baby move?
    18-20 weeks
  16. What weeks does a multigravid mom usually feel baby move?
    14-18 weeks.
  17. Preeclmpsia/eclampsia is HTN after how many weeks of gestation? What is it if it's before that?
    20 weeks. Just chronic HTN
  18. What week differentiatates PPROM from PROM?
    37 weeks
  19. How often should a pregnant woman visit the OB?
    • Q 4 weeks until 28th week,
    • Q 2-3 weeks until 36th week,
    • Weekly after.
  20. What weeks are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters?
    • 1st: 0-12
    • 2nd: 13-28
    • 3rd 29-42
  21. When can fetal heart tones usually start being heard by a Doppler?
    10-12 weeks.
  22. What is normal heart beat of the fetus?
    120-160 bpm
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