Ped ET Intubation

  1. Beginning Steps
    scene safety and PPE
  2. Beginning Steps
    manually opens airway with technique appropriate for pt
  3. Beginning Steps
    checks mouth for blood and potential airway compromising matter
  4. Beginning Steps
    suctions or removes foreign body if visualized
  5. Beginning Ventilation Steps
    properly insert simple adjunct
  6. Beginning Ventilation Steps
    directs assistant to ventilate
  7. Beginning Ventilation Steps
    ventilates PT with BVM in 20 sec assessing chest wall compliance
  8. Beginning Ventilation Steps
    observes chest movement and auscultates for baseline lung sounds
  9. Beginning Ventilation Steps
    attaches high flow oxygen to BVM
  10. Beginning Ventilation Steps
    directs assistant to pre-oxygenate the pt
  11. Equipment
    selects proper equipment for intubation(uncuffed tube
  12. Equipment
    checks laryngoscope light
  13. Pre Procedure Steps
    place pt on cardiac monitor to hear HR during intubation
  14. Pre Procedure Steps
    positions pt in neutral or sniffing position and removes airway adjunct
  15. Procedure
    gently inserts blade while displacing tongue
  16. Procedure
    elevates manidle with laryngoscope and visualizes cords
  17. Procedure
    inserts ET tube to side of blade and visualizes tube passing through cords
  18. Procedure
    verbalize the smallest part of the pt airway cricothyroid ring
  19. Procedure
    disconnects mask from BVM and connects to ET tube without release ET tube
  20. Procedure
    directs ventilation while holding ET tube in place
  21. Procedure
    • confirms placement by
    • auscultating over epigastrium and bilaterally over each lung
  22. Final Steps
    secures ET tube and restrict C-spine motion to matian proper ET tube placement
  23. Final Steps
    reassesses ET tube placement and HR
  24. Final Steps
    uses secondary confirmation device
  25. Final Steps
    considers OGT to decrease abdominal distention compromising ventilation
  26. Final Steps
    assesses pt response to intervention
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