Needle Cric

  1. Beginning Steps
  2. Beginning Steps
    place pt supine and hyperextends neck in no cervical trauma suspected
  3. Beginning Steps
    positions at pt sid and directs assistant to attempt ventilations with 100% oxygen
  4. Equipment
    prepares equipment, attaches large bore needle with catheter to 10-20 ml syringe
  5. Preparation
    palpates thyroid cartilage and cricoid cartilage
  6. Preparation
    identifies and places finger on cricothyroid membrane
  7. Preparation
    maintaining placement cleanse site
  8. Preparation
    firmly grasps laryngeal cartilages and reconfirms CTM
  9. Procedure
    inserts needle into CTM at midline directed 45 degree caudally
  10. Procedure
    advances needle 1 cm and aspirates with syringe
  11. Procedure
    confirms placement and advances catheter while withdrawing needle and syringe unit
  12. Procedure
    reconfirms placement and secures catheter in place(does not release catheter)
  13. Procedure
    • checks ventilations
    • chest rise/fall
    • bilateral breath sounds
  14. Procedure
    • jet vent if ventilations are inadequate
    • watches chest rise carefully
    • verbalize problem with c02 retention
  15. Final Steps
    continues ventilatory support, assessing for adequacy of ventilations and complications
  16. Final Steps
    assesses pt response to intervention
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