assisted living lines

  1. Rose
    Come on in. Ben, don’t you hear the knocking? There’s someone at the door.
    You say something, Ma?
  2. ROSE
    There’s someone at the door. Didn’t you hear the knocking?
    It must’ve been the wind.
  3. ROSE
    Oh sure, the wind … The wind, my ass.
  4. ROSE
    On top of everything else, now you think I’m hearing things.
    OK, I take it back. I’m wrong, you’re right. Someone was there. Maybe it was Mrs. Frantz, from across the hall.
  5. ROSE
    Mrs. Frantz? I doubt it. We’re barely on speaking terms.
    Since when?
  6. ROSE
    Since when? Since the Carter administration, that’s since when.
    I thought she was your best friend in the whole condo.
  7. ROSE
    She is. That just goes to show you what I think of everyone else who lives here.
  8. So if it wasn’t Mrs. Frantz maybe it was the super. If you want, I can check with him later.
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assisted living lines
assisted living lines