quiz meteorology

  1. what is meteorology?
    the study of weather
  2. what causes the weather?
    the energy from the sun
  3. does the energy from the sun heat the earth evenly?
  4. in what layer is our weather in?
    the troposphere
  5. what are the atmospheric variables?
    wind, precipitation, air pressure, temperature, humidity
  6. define temperature
    it measures the average kinetic energy of molecules
  7. define humidity
    amount of water vapor in the air
  8. what device is used to measure humidity?
    sling psychrometer
  9. define air pressure
    weight of atmosphere pushing down on us
  10. what do we use to measure air pressure?
  11. define wind
    horizontal movement of air
  12. what do you use to measure wind speed?
  13. what do you use to measure wind direction?
  14. define precipitation
    moisture falling back on earth
  15. what does temperature affect?
    pressure, denisty, humidity
  16. what does humidity affect?
  17. what affect does temperature have on density?
    as temp. increases, density decreases
  18. what affect does temp. have on pressure?
    as temp. increases, pressure decreases
  19. what affect does temp. have on humidity?
    as temp. increases, humidity increases
  20. what is relative humdity?
    the amount of water vapor the air is holding compared to the amount it can hold
  21. what is dew point temp.?
    when the air is fully saturated (filled with water vapor) and condensation begins
  22. dew point temp. can never be __________ than air temp.
  23. what does condensation lead to?
    cloud formation
  24. what is the relationship between humidity and pressure?
    as humidity increases, pressure decreases
  25. define clouds
    large group of tiny water droplets suspended in the air
  26. what are the steps of cloud formation
    • warm moist air rises
    • expands
    • cools
    • condenses
    • liquid droplets combined with condensation nuclei form a cloud
  27. what is the orographic effect?
    mountains block prevailing winds which forces air to rise on one side and sink on the other
  28. what is the windward side of a mountain
    cool and wet
  29. what is the leeward side of the mountain?
    warm and dry
  30. define air pressure
    the weight of the atmpsphere as it pushes down on the earths surface
  31. in what directions is air pressure exerted
    all directions
  32. air pressure decreases with _______
  33. what is the unit of measurement for air pressure?
    millibars or inches
  34. describe high pressure
    • happy weather
    • cooler and drier
  35. describe low pressure
    • lousy weather
    • warmer and wet
  36. describe cool air
    • heavier
    • more dense
    • drier
    • high pressure
    • happy (clear) weather
  37. describe warm air
    • lighter
    • less dense
    • moist
    • low pressure
    • lousy weather
  38. define wind
    horizontal movement of air
  39. in what direction does wind blow?
    from high pressure to low pressure
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