Lymphatic System

  1. Isoimmunity
    Sensitivity to antigen of another individual of same species.

    Example: Blood Types
  2. Autoimmunity
    Sensitivity to your antigens
  3. Allergy
    Hypersensitivity to harmless material
  4. What are the 3 functions of the lymphatic system
    • 1.Filters extra cellular fluid for pathogens
    • 2. Connects to circulatory system
    • 3. Makes cells the fight disease
  5. Immune Deficiancy
    Makes the immune system less powerful
  6. Antibodies are like...
  7. The Spleen is like...
    a recycling center
  8. The Lymph is like...
    Dirty Oil
  9. The Lymph Node is like...
    an oil filter
  10. The Spleen does what? (3)
    • Filters
    • destroys worn RBCs
    • Salvages Iron
  11. Tonsils do what?
    Protect against bacteria or viruses from the outside
  12. What does the Thymus do? (2)
    • Make T cells
    • Produce Hormone thymosin for the Maturation of T cells
  13. What do Lymph nodes do? (2)
    • Filter lymph of bacteria and more
    • Make WBCs`
  14. Lymph Vessels
    • Passage way
    • --------Large pores allow large protiens
    • --------Right Lymphatic and Thoracic duct-connect lymph sytem and circulatory system
  15. Image Upload 1
    Red Part?
  16. Image Upload 2
    Pink Part?
    Blood Capillaries
  17. Image Upload 3
    Green Part?
    Lymph Capillaries
  18. Image Upload 4
    Blue Part?
    Lymph node
  19. Phagocytes (3)
    • Neutrophils
    • monocytes
    • macrophages
  20. B Stem Cells ()
    • Immature B-in marrow
    • Activated B-IB that came in contact with antigen
    • Plasma B - Kills foreign cells
    • Memory B- Acts second time to foreign cells
    • Humoral Immunity (antibody-mediated immunity)
  21. T Cells do what? (3)
    • Kills Cells Directly
    • Flags it for macrophage
    • cell-mediated immunity
  22. Why can't the spleen be repaired?
    it is so soft and spongy
  23. Hogkins Disease
    enlarged nodes in the neck that gradually move to the rest of the system
  24. Lymph does what?
    asorbs fats from intestines
  25. Lymph enters through...
  26. Lymph exits through...
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