HIST 172 Ch 11

  1. Pre-Civil War
    • Image of American have always been the farmer
    • Now is an image of a settler or urban worker because of moving west
    • (Manifest Destiny)
    • Non-farming wagers more common
  2. Voting
    • People are not landowners
    • Most white males can vote
  3. Suffrage
    • Definition: Ability vote
    • Issues of ownership and race
  4. Economics
    • Growth of corporations
    • National Bank is formed on east coast
  5. Andrew Jackson
    • Part of a new movement in American politics
    • Represented himself as the "Common Man" to appeal to voters
    • Took part in:
    • Moving Indigenous groups west
    • Trail of Tears
  6. Trail of TearsImage Upload 1
    • Federal govt. passing legislative moving groups west to reservations and out of mid-west and southern states so white settlers can live there
    • Federal govt. sneaky:
    • Talked to parts of population and made treaties with them
  7. National Republicans
    • Strong federal govt.
    • Regulated export economy
    • When it came to commerce, they supported tariff (tax to protect internal trading and national subsidy transport)
  8. Jacksonian Democrats
    • Anti-govt.
    • Believed east had too much control
    • Wanted to:
    • Shift power to the presidency
    • Dissolve National Bank
    • Remove Indians from East
  9. Andrew Jackson in Politics
    • Wanted to take more power to presidency
    • Ignored Congress
    • Threatened to kill them individually
    • Saw Indians as an obstacle
    • Against Federalism but had to deal with it
    • He made promises that Indians would be removed
  10. Georgia
    • Jackson: Indians were not physical compatible on the land
    • Complained Indians were not cleared out
    • Moving them across state lines was a federal issue
  11. Removal Act of 1830
    • Supposed land trade
    • Indians that were removed, bodies found in burial sites
    • Federal govt. vs. Indigenous People
    • Ended in slaughter of Indigenous people moving westward
  12. Jackson as President
    • 1828
    • Appealed to voters:
    • Policies
    • Fear of Indians as savages so agree to remove
  13. Monroe Doctrine
    The desire to avoid entaglement in European wars
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