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  1. What is the weakest part of a jet engine?
    The turbine
  2. How is the cycle of a jet engine called?
    The Brayton cycle
  3. In which section is power generated by a jet engine?
    In the turbine section
  4. What is a pure jet?
    All the airflow is going through the combustion chamber
  5. What generates the noise coming from jet engines?
    The airflow exhausted and difference the difference between exhaust temperature and ambient temperature.
  6. What is the by pass ratio?
    The ratio of the amount of air which is by passed around the hot core of the engine, to the amount of air which passes through the hot core.
  7. Where occurs the highest pressure in a gas turbine engine?
    Between the compressor and the combustion chamber
  8. What controls the fan speed in a turbo fan engine?
    The turbine.
  9. What is the advantage of modular construction?
    It enables malfuntioning sections of the engine to be changed without changing the whole engine.
  10. The by pass ratio of an engine is the ratio of:
    cold stream air to that flowing through the hot core of the engine.
  11. During the Brayton cycle, combustion takes place....?
  12. What is the pressure ratio of a gas turbine engine compressor?
    The ratio between compressor outlet and compressor inlet pressure.
  13. A stage of an axial flow compressor consists of what?
    One rotor assembly and one row of stator vanes
  14. How are the ring of blades which sometimes precede the first rotor stage of an axial flow compressor called?
    the inlet guide vanes
  15. What is the action to be taken in the event of an engine surge?
    Slowly close the throttle
  16. Shrouding of the stator blade tips is designed to do minimize what?
  17. How many engines does the PA-34 200T have?
  18. What type of engine does the Pa-34 have?
    Six cylinder, Direct driven, Horizontally opposed, Fuel injected, air cooled, turbo charged
  19. Who is the manufacturer of the engine used on the PA-34?
  20. What is the engine model number of the engines used on the PA-34?
    TSIO-360E (EB)/ LTSIO-360E (EB)
  21. How many rated horse power are the engines on the PA-34?
    At sea level 200 HP, above 12000 ft 215 HP
  22. What is the compression ratio of the engines on the PA-34?
  23. What kind of propellors on the PA-34?
    Hartzell or McCauley
  24. How many blades does the Hartzell propellor have?
  25. How many blades does the McCauley propellor have?
  26. What type of propellors does the PA-34 have?
    Constant speed, Hydraulically actuated, Full feathering
  27. What is the fuel capacity on the PA-34
    98 U.S. Gal
  28. What is the useable fuel on the PA-34?
    93 U.S. Gal
  29. What is the oil capacity on the PA-34?
    8 U.S. Quarts
  30. What is the minimum oil quantity for flight on the PA-34?
    7 Quarts
  31. What is the maximum take-off weight for the PA-34?
    4570 Lbs.
  32. What is the maximum landing weight?
    4342 Lbs.
  33. What is Vne on the PA-34?
  34. What is Vno on the PA-34?
  35. What is Vfe on the PA-34?
  36. What is Vmc on the PA-34?
  37. What is Vle on the PA-34?
  38. What is the green arc speed on the PA-34?
    63 - 163
  39. What is the yellow arc speed on the PA-34?
    163 - 195
  40. What is the white arc speed on the PA-34?
    61 - 107
  41. What is the blue line speed on the PA-34? (best rate of climb single engine)
  42. Is flight into icing conditions allowed on the PA-34?
    • Yes, when fitted with:
    • - Pneumatic Wing and empenage boots
    • - Electro-thermal propellor boots
    • - Electric windshield panel
    • - heated pitot head
    • - Wing ice ligt
    • - Heated lift detectors
    • - Propellor spinners must be installed
  43. Up to what altitude is flight with the Pa-34 approved
    Up to 25000 ft when equipped with supplemental oxygen
  44. What material is used to construct the airframe of the PA-34?
    Alluminium Alloy
  45. What kind of design is used on the fuselage of the PA-34?
  46. What kind of wing design has the PA-34?
    conventional wing design
  47. How are the flaps operated on the PA-34?
    Mechanically by a handle located between the two front seats
  48. In what direction does the propellor of the left engine rotate?
  49. In what direction does the propellor of the right engine rotate?
    counter clockwise
  50. Tell something about the engines on the PA-34?
    The engines are air-cooled, fuel injected and are equipped with oil coolers, a low temperature by pass system and engine mounted oil filters.
  51. What kind of trim tab does the PA-34 have on the stabilator?
    anti servo trim tab.
  52. Why does the stabilator have an anti servo trim tab on the PA-34?
    To improve longitudinal stability and provide longitudinal trim.
  53. In which direction, compared to the stabilator does the trim tab on the PA-34 move?
    In the same direction as the stabilator, but with increased level.
  54. How is rudder effectiveness increased on the PA-34?
    By an anti servo tab on the rudder.
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