Provides Mouth Care

  1. Explains procedure, speaking clearly, slowly, and directly, maitianing face-to-face contact whenever possible.
    Privacy is provided with curtain, screen, or door
  2. Before providing mouth care, client is in upright sitting position (45-90 degrees)
    Puts on clean gloves before cleaning mouth
  3. Places clothing protector across chest before providing mouth care
    Moistens toothbrush
  4. Cleans mouth (including tongue and surfaces of teeth) using gentle motions
    Maintains clean technique with placement of toothbrush
  5. Holds emesis basin to chin while client rinses mouth
    Wipes mouth and removes clothing protector
  6. Empties, rinses, and dries basin
    Places used toothbrush in basin
  7. After rinsing basin, places basin in designated dirty supple area
    Disposes of clothing protector appropriately
  8. After placing basin in designated dirty supply area, and disposing of used linen, removes and disposes of gloves (without contaminating self) into waste container and washes hands
    Signaling device is within reach and bed is in low position
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Provides Mouth Care
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