muckle maths 2

  1. what is a perpendicular line ?
    a line a right angles to another. A bit like the line across the top of the letter T
  2. what do the anlges of a square add up to in degrees ?
  3. how do you find the volume of a cuboid
    times the length, by the width, by the height
  4. Parallel lines are
    lines that are the same distance apart for their entire length, like train tracks
  5. an angle larger then two right angles is called a
    reflex angle
  6. the square root of a number is
    the number multiplied by itself to make that number. So the square root of 25 is 5. (because 5x5 = 25)
  7. the 8 positions of a compass, starting at north are...
    north, north-east, east, south-east, south, south-west, west, north-west
  8. what does congruent mean
    it means the same shape and size
  9. in a 3-d shape, like a dice or a ceral box, what is the vertex?
    the point (or corner) of a shape
  10. in a 3-d shape, like a dice or a ceral box, what is a face?
    a flat side (like a face of a dice)
  11. in a 3-d shape, like a dice or a ceral box, what is an edge?
    where two faces meet
  12. what do the angles of a triangle add up to in degree
  13. Horizontal means
    straight across, like the horizon
  14. vertical means
    straight up or down, like a drain pipe
  15. oblique means ...
  16. what is 0.25 as a fraction
  17. what is the product
    the figure when two numbers are multiplied together
  18. what does the sum mean?
    the answer when added togther. so the sum of 4, 6 and 4 is 14
  19. how many kilometres in a mile
    1.6 kilometres in a mile
  20. so how many kilometres in 5 miles
  21. weight. how many pounds in a kilogram?
    2.2 punds to a kilogram
  22. if you roll a dice, what are the chances of getting an even number
    1/2 pr 50%
  23. what is a factor
    a number which will divide exactly into another number
  24. what is 'the lowest term' ?
    the simplest you can make a fraction. e.g 16/32 = 8/16 = 4/8 = 2/4 = 1/2.
  25. What is an integer ?
    a postive or negative whole number. e.g. 3, or -6, or 0, or -324, or 567
  26. what is an icosahedron?
    a shape with 20 faces
  27. how many faces does a pentagon have
  28. what about a hexagon
  29. what is a factor?
    the factor of a number are numbers that divide into it. So the factors of 8 are; 1,2,4,8
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