muckle maths 1

  1. A factor is a whole number that
    will divide exactly into another number
  2. 5 x 8 =
  3. what is 'the mean'
    a type of average. you find it by adding up all the number of scores and dividing by the number scores
  4. 11 x 12 =
  5. what is a polygon
    a closed shape with three or more sides
  6. how many degrees in a right angle
  7. a prime number is...
    a number that has only two factors: one and the number itself
  8. the diameter of a circle is
    the distance straight across a circle, cutting through the centre
  9. name 5 quadrilaterals
    square, rectangle, oblong, rhombus, parallelogram, kite, trapezium
  10. how many degree is a complete rotation ...
  11. to find the area of a rectangle
    times the length by the width
  12. a squared number is
    that number, multiplied by itself. So, for example, 10 x 10
  13. what is the range...
    the difference between the largest and smallest of a set of numbers. e.g. the range of 1, 2, 5, 3, 6, 8, is 7
  14. Perimeter means
    the distance all around the edge of a 2-d shape
  15. what is a reflex angle
    an angle that is bigger than 180' but less than 360'
  16. Percentage means
    out of 100
  17. what is 40% of 200
  18. what is the mode?
    one kind of average. The most common number in a set of data. remember, mode = most !
  19. what is the number 59083 in words
    fifty nine thousand, and eighty three
  20. with coordinates, when plotting them on a grid, is the first number horizontal or vertical
    horizontal - remeber....along the corridor, then up the stairs!
  21. what shape is a rhombus?
    Afour sided shape, like a squashed square
  22. what is a quotient?
    the number you get when you divide one number by another e.g 12 divided by 4 = 3. So 3 is the quotient
  23. 12 x 7 =
  24. what is an acute angle?
    a ngle less than a right angle
  25. what is the median
    a type of average. Put all the scores in numerical order, then find the middle one
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