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  1. Isolationist
    Person who wanted the US to stay out of WWII
  2. V.E. Day
    End of the war in Europe
  3. ISland Hopping
    US policy fighing with the Japanese in the Pacific
  4. Rationing
    A way the US citizens at home could help the war effort
  5. Bataan Death March
    SHowed the brutality of teh Japanese soldiers
  6. Lend Lease Act
    Showed that the US supported Allies for their own self interest
  7. Totalitarian Leader
    Takes away freedoms of the people
  8. Hitler
    Totalitarian, Leader of teh Worker's party, nationalist
  9. Communism and Fascism Similarities
    Government controls the people
  10. Hitler's rise
    Promised greatness, economic help, blamed Jewish for problems
  11. Britain and Frace go to war
    Went to war because Germany attacked Poland
  12. US Joins war
    Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor
  13. Women and minorities
    Made economic gains because of a shortage of traditional labor
  14. Japanese Internment camps
    Japanese Americans were placed in camps during the war so they didn't aid Japan against the US
  15. Rationing and Bonds
    Helped provide more resources for the military
  16. Nuremberg War Crimes trials
    Put Nazi's on trial, they can be held responsible for actions
  17. Manhattan Project
    Worked on development on the atomic bomb
  18. Yalta Conference
    Divided Germany up into four zones
  19. Nuremburg laws
    Prohibited marriage between Jews and Germans, citizenship taken away from German Jews, Declard Judaism was not a choice
  20. Result of D-DAy
    Paris Liberated
  21. WWII on US economy
    Production increased, helped get out of depression
  22. Japanese fighting style
  23. Final Solution
    Murder all Jews in Germnay and Soviet Union
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