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  1. What is a form of cognitive learning?
    • learning to drive a car, memorizing names of classmates, evaluating differences among questions.
    • not: salivating when you think of a lemon
  2. According to Erikson, the 2nd stage of psychosocial development in adulthood is
    intimacy vs isolation
  3. Freud stages
    • oral 0-1
    • anal 2-3
    • phallic 3-6
    • latency 6-12
    • Genital 12 +
  4. Erikson Social-culutral
    • Trust vs mistrust 0-1
    • autonomy vs shame/doubt 2-3
    • Initiative vs Guilt 3-5
    • industry vs inferiority 6-12
    • identity vs role confusion 12-19
    • intimacy vs isolation 20-30
    • generativity vs stagnation 30-50
    • integrity vs despair 60 +
  5. Latent learning refers to
    learning but not displaying the learned behavior immediatley.
  6. the study of learning focuses on the __ of info.
    the study of memory focuses on the __ of information
    • acquisition
    • retention
  7. aha is exclaimed by the person experiencing
    insight learning
  8. Learning that is not depedent on reinforcfement, occurs in the social context, and involves voluntary behavior is called
    observational learning
  9. Albert Bandura is the psychologist who developed
    social learning theory
  10. which sense is least well developed at birth?
  11. The ego is guided by the
    reality principle
  12. According to piaget, when does the child begin fantasy play.
    During the preoperational period
  13. Piaget's stages
    • Sesimotor 0-2
    • Preoperational 2-7
    • concrete operational 7-11
    • formal operational 11 +
  14. Vygotsky's theory emphasizes the role of ___ in the development of children's cognitive abilities.
  15. conditioned responces are eliminated throgh
  16. A long-term change in behavior that results from experience called
  17. Pavlov is to ___
    Skinner is to____
    • Cassical conditioning
    • operant conditioning
  18. A primary reinenforcer would be
    • water, food, relief from pain
    • not: attention
  19. Bob learned to respect his parents, since he is respectful to older adults he is demonstrating the concept of
  20. Bob is not nice to his friends demonstrating the concept of
  21. What did frued belive motivated all behavior?
    sex and aggression
  22. What is the only thing present at birth, according to freud
  23. Arrested development caused by fixation at an earlier stage, could create
    neurosis according for freud
  24. during the phallic stage, an intense feeling of dislike is dirrected toward
    same sex parents
  25. A social psychologist studies
    obdeiance, conformity, and prejudice
  26. The key idea of psychodynamic theory is that
    behavior is driven by the mental processes often hidden from conscious awarness
  27. according to behaviorists, individuals will respond most vigorously when
    they are reinforced intermittenly
  28. psychologists who study events at the level of the
  29. self actualization is a goal of
    hemanistic psychology
  30. cultural universality is the best source of evidence for
    evolutionary psychology
  31. psychiatrists are able to
    prescibe things and pyschologists cannot
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