Flash CS5 - Unit B

  1. Vector Graphic
    Is a mathematically calculated object composed of anchor points and straight or curved line segments, which collectively for a path.
  2. Anchor Points
    Squares on a vector object used to manipulate its path
  3. Path
    Straight or curved line segments
  4. Stroke
    A boarder around a path or object
  5. Bitmap Graphics
    Displays a picture image as a matrix of dots or pixels, on a grid. Also called a raster Image
  6. Pixel
    The smallest square of color used to display an image on a computer screen
  7. Raster Images
    Another name for a bitmap
  8. Resolution
    Describes the degree of clarity, detail, and sharpness of a displayed or printed image
  9. Merge Drawing Mode
    A tool setting that combines objects’ path
  10. Object Drawing Mode
    A tool setting that treats the shapes as separate objects
  11. Hexadecimal
    Is an alphanumeric system for defining color on the Web that designates each color by a set of six numbers and/or letters
  12. Regular Shape tools
    Shape options are set before the shape is created. After the shape is created it cannot alter shape options, such as corner radius value for a rectangle, and start and end angles and inner radius values for an oval
  13. Primitive Tools
    Are separate objects, similar to objects drawn in Object Drawing mode using regular shape tools. You can change a corner radius as you are creating it by dragging the mouse on the State.
  14. Transform
    Reconfigures an object by scaling, rotating, skewing, and distorting it.
  15. Info Panel
    Shows information based on where the pointer is on the Stage, such as the color beneath the pointer, and the size, location and color of a selected object.
  16. Align panel
    The panel used to size, align, or distribute multiple objects to the Stage or to each other.
  17. Transform Panel
    Performs the functions of the Free Transform Tool, and more precise modifications.
  18. Color Panel
    Contains features for adjusting an object’s stroke and fill color
  19. Swatches Panel
    Contains colors from the active color palette, or set, of available colors
  20. Web-Safe Color Palette
    Is the default Flash color palette that contains 216 colors that appear consistent in Web browsers and across computer platforms.
  21. Text Block
    An object containing text that you can move and modify
  22. Variable-Width Text
    A text type in which the text block continues to expand as long as you type
  23. Fixed-width Text
    A text type whose width is limited by the size of the text block
  24. Text Layout Framework (TLF)
    The default text option that provides flexible formatting features and can accommodate advanced typographic requirements
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