Fireworks Unit 2

  1. Curve Point
    Path points on an object with curves, such as a circle or rounded rectangle
  2. Corner Points
    Path points on a vector object that has angles or lines
  3. Subselection Tool
    Used to move points on a path in fireworks. Can also select the points of individual objects that have been grouped or to create a curved point.
  4. Point Handle
    Handle extending from a point on a curved vector object used to adjust the object’s shape.
  5. Bézier Curves
    Two dimensional curve in a vector object named after the French engineer who developed the mathematical formula to represent 3D automobile shapes.
  6. Join
    The Join command allows users to combine the paths of two or more objects to create a single merged object that includes all points of both paths.
  7. Composite Path
    A path formed by joining two open or closed paths
  8. Continuous Path
    An open path formed by joining two open paths
  9. Add/Union
    The add/union tool creates a path that is the sum total of all the selected paths
  10. Subtract/Punch
    Is the outline of the top object carves through all of the lower selected images, but assumes the properties of the object at the bottom of the Layers panel.
  11. Intersect
    Creates an object consisting of the area where the objects’ paths overlap, or the command area shared by the objects.
  12. Crop
    To exclude part of an image. Cropping hides areas of an image without losing resolution quality.
  13. Fill
    A solid color, a pattern, or a gradient applied to an object.
  14. Solid Fill:
    The color values selected or hexadecimal value specified in the color pop-up window or in the Color Mixer
  15. Web Dither Fill
    A fill that approximates the color of a non-web-safe color by combining two web-safe colors.
  16. Pattern Fills
    A bitmap image with a complex color scheme and texture
  17. Gradient
    Two or more colors that blend into each other in a fixed design
  18. Color Ramp
    In the Edit Gradient dialog box, the feature where you create and display the range of colors in the gradient.
  19. Live Filters
    Filters applied to objects that remain editable
  20. Opacity Setting
    Determines the percentage of transparency. Whereas a layer with 100% opacity will obstruct objects in the layers beneath it, a layer with 1% opacity will appear nearly transparent.
  21. Live Styles
    Preset font, color, stroke, or other effects and attributes.
  22. Redefine Styles Button
    Applies the changes to other objects with that style that was modified
  23. Clear Overrides button
    Revert to the original style before it was modified
  24. Break Link to Style Button
    Removes the link to a style.
  25. Delete Style Button
    Deletes a style to an object.
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