Fireworks Unit 1

  1. Fireworks
    Is a graphics program intended specifically for creating Web images and media for other devices. Fireworks can create, edit, and optimize files, and then add animation and JavaScript-enabled interactivity to those optimized files.
  2. Document window
    The large area under the document toolbar in the Dreamweaver and Fireworks workspace where you create and edit web pages.
  3. Tools panel
    A panel in Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks separated into categories containing tools and their options.
  4. Tool groups
    Tools grouped by function on the Tools panel.
  5. Property inspector
    A panel where properties and options specific to a selected tool or command appears. In Fireworks, you can modify selected objects and set tool properties and other options. The contents of the Property inspector vary according to the object currently selected.
  6. Panels dock
    Area on the right side of the Fireworks window where panels are grouped and stacked.
  7. Application Bar
    The toolbar located above the Document window which includes menu names, a Workspace switcher, and other application commands.
  8. Documents
    A Fireworks file whose native file type is .png
  9. Layer
    An element that functions like a folder divided into sections that contain objects. A document can be made of many layers. A section within an image on which objects can be stored. The advantage: Individual effects can be isolated and manipulated without affecting the rest of the image. The disadvantage: Layers can increase the size of your file.
  10. Layers Panel
    Displays content on all the individual layers within an active image. You can use the Layers panel to create, delete, merge, copy, or reposition layers.
  11. Sub Layer
    Layers in Fireworks can have multiple objects on seperate layers listed underneath the main layer created sub layers.
  12. Page
    Stores a unique set of layers and setting in a document.
  13. Master Page
    A page that contains elements common to all pages in the document.
  14. Pixels
    Small squares of color used to display a digital image on a rectangular grid, such as a computer screen. Each dot in a bitmapped image represents a color or shade.
  15. Objects:
    The individual elements in a document, such as text or images.
  16. Bitmap Graphic
    The individual elements in a document, such as text or images.
  17. Vector Graphics
    Mathematically calculated objects composed of anchor points and straight or curved line segments.
  18. Resolution
    The number of pixels per inch in an image. Also refers to an image’s clarity and fineness of detail.
  19. Fill
    A solid color, a pattern, or a gradient applied to an object.
  20. Stroke
    A border that you add to a selection
  21. Anti-aliasing
    Partially fills in pixel edges, resulting in smooth-edge type. This feature lets your type maintain its crisp appearance and is especially useful for large type.
  22. Control Point
    The yellow diamond that appears when you select an Auto Shape on the canvas in Fireworks; allows you to adjust the object.
  23. Kerning
    Controlling the amount of space between two characters
  24. Tacking
    The insertion of a uniform amount of space between characters
  25. Leading
    An adjustment to the amount of vertical space between lines of text.
  26. Auto-Sizing
    A text block that expands to accommodate the text you enter in Fireworks.
  27. Path
    (vector object)
    An open or closed line consisting of a series of anchor points.
  28. Anchor Points
    Joins path segments to delineate changes in direction
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