ATI Final 9

  1. What is the swelling (inflammation) of an abnormal pouch (diverticulum) in the intestinal wall
  2. To relieve diarrhea and to thicken the stool, the pt should consume foods that are high or low in fiber?
    Low in fiber.
  3. If a pt is going to have their entire large intestine removed as well as their rectum, what type of ostomy willthe pt have?
    An ileostomy.
  4. for a pt with a ileostomy, to prevent skin breakdown of the peristomal skin, what should pt do?
    Empty the pouch when it is no more than half full.
  5. to prevent pain when replacing a ostomy pouching system, what should the pt do?
    Push the skin away form the barrier while removing it.
  6. when applying an extended wear skin barrier, what would help it to adhere to its max potential
    Pressing it gently around the barrier for 1 to 2 min when applying it.
  7. when replacing an ostomy appliance for a pt, what should the nurse do first after removing the pouch?
    Cleanse the stoma and the peristomal skin
  8. This urinary diversion is a passage way for urine to flow from the kidney to the outside of the body. urine flow as it is produced allowing no control over it for the pt
    an ileal Conduit
  9. This type of urinary diversion allows uirne to flow from a ureteral opening to the outside of the body. Urine flows through the stoma as it is produced, so the pt will not be able to control it.
    A cutaneous ureterostomy
  10. This type of urine diversion system allows urine to flow from the kidney to the outside of the body. Urine flows through the stoma as it is produced, so the pt will have no control over it.
    a nephrostomy
  11. This type of unrine diversion is a continent ileal bladder conduit that does not require an external drainage collection device because the pt self catheterizes every 2 to 4 hours to remove urin. this allows the pt to have control.
    A kock's pouch
  12. Difficulty swallowing
  13. For a pt who will require long-term airway support, which of the following will be required for the pt?
    1)Nasopharyngeal tube
    2)Oropharyngeal tube
    3)Tracheostomy tube
    3) tracheostomy tube
  14. True of false. A nurse suctioning a pt's airway using in-line suctioning know that it is appropriate to reuse the catheter repeatedly.
  15. When cleaing a tracheostomy tube what should the nurse use to dry the inner cannula after cleaning it?
    Folded pipe cleaners
  16. For a pt with an endotrachial tube, how often should oral and nasal care be performed?
    every 2 to 4 hours
  17. For a pt with an endotracheal tube, how often should the ET tube in the pt's mouth be repositioned?
    Every 8 hours
  18. what is the recommended cuff pressure for a pt with a ET tube in place?
    20 to 25 mm HG
  19. This type of suctioning is also called closed suctioning. The suction catheter is attached to the ventilator tubing and is designed to remove secretions from the trachea
    In-Line suctioning
  20. This type of suctioning helps clear sectretions from the mouth. This is the appropriate device for pt's who can cough effectively but cannot swallow expectorate secretions
    Yankauer Catheter
  21. This type of suctioning is generally used for suctioning secretions from a newborn's mouth and nose. Because of the low level of suction provided, they are generally inadequate for suctioning adults
    Bulb Syringe
  22. this type of suctioning is the traditional means of suctioning an et tube or tracheostomy using the catheter one time only.
    Open suctioning
  23. For a tracheostomy tube what should the nurse place underneath the flanges of the outer cannula?
    Commercially prepared fenestrated dressing.
  24. What technique is used during or after percussion to increase the turbulance of exhaled air and loosen secretions?
  25. What technique is used to dislodge secretions from the bronchial walls?
  26. What type of therapy allows secretions to drain by gravity from different areas of the lungs?
    Postural drainage.
  27. This type of adhesive is a liquid and protects the pt's skin, but also prepares the skin around the nose or mouth and on the face for better adherence of the tape
    Tincture of Benzoin
  28. for securing an ET tube with tape, how long should the tape be?
    The tape should be about 6 inches longer than the distance from naris to naris
  29. True or False. Sterile gloves are required for a securing an ET tube?
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