Biology Definitions Module 15

  1. Nastic Movement
    Movement in a plant caused by changes in turgor preasure.
  2. Pore Psaces
    Spaces in the soil which determine how much water and air the soil contains.
  3. Loam
    A mixture of gravel, sand, silt, and clay.
  4. Cohension
    The phenomoenon that occurs when individual molecules are so strongly attracted to each other that they tend to stay together, even when exposed to tension.
  5. Translocation
    The process by which organic substances move down the phloem of a plant.
  6. Hormones
    Chemicals that affect the rate of cellular reproduction and the development of cells.
  7. Phototropism
    A growth response to light.
  8. Gravotropism
    A growth response to gravity.
  9. Thigmotropism
    A growth response to touch.
  10. Perfect flowers
    Flowers with both stamens and carpels.
  11. Imperfect flowers
    Flowers with eather stamens or carpels, but not both.
  12. Pollination
    The transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the carpel in flowering plants.
  13. Seed
    An ovule with a protective coating, encasing a mature plant embryo and a nutrient source.
  14. Fruit
    A mature ovary which contains a seed or seeds.
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Biology Definitions Module 15
Biology Definitions Module 15