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  1. What FM covers map reading and land navigation?
    FM 3-25.26
  2. What is a map?
    A graphic representation of the Earth's surface drawn to scale as seen from above
  3. How many map scales are there?
    Three: small, medium, and large
  4. Name four types of maps
    Topographic, planimetric, photomap, terrain model
  5. What is marginal information?
    Information about the map's use, size, and area
  6. Where is the map sheet name found?
    Center of upper margin, and either left or right side of lower margin
  7. What is a declination diagram?
    It shows the angular relationships of true north, grid north, and magnetic north
  8. What colors are found on a map?
    Black, blue, green, brown, and red
  9. What do the colors on a map stand for?
    • Black - Indicates man-made feature, such as buildings and roads
    • Blue - Identifies water features
    • Green - Vegetation
    • Brown - Identifies all relief features and elevation, as well as contour lines on older maps
    • Red - Indicates populated areas
  10. What type of map system does the US military use?
    The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
  11. How close will you get to a location with a 6-digit coordinate?
    100 meters
  12. How close will you get to a location with a 8-digit coordinate?
    10 meters
  13. How close will you get to a location with a 10-digit coordinate?
    1 meter
  14. Name three types of contour lines
    Index, intermediate, and supplementary
  15. Name the five major terrain features on a map
    Hill, ridge, valley, saddle, ridge, and depression
  16. Name the five minor terrain feature on a map
    Draw, spur, cliff, cut, and fill
  17. What are the two most commonly used compasses in the Army?
    Lensatic and artillery
  18. How many degrees are on a compass?
  19. What are two methods for holding a compass?
    The centerhold technique and compass to cheek technique
  20. Define magnetic declination
    The variation of the true north from the magnetic north
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