SAT Vocab #18-19

  1. adulation
    (n) excessive flattery
  2. affluence
    (n) wealth, abundance
  3. amenable
    (adj) willing to follow advice or suggestion; tractable; submissive
  4. celibate
    (n) unmarried, especially by religious vows; abstaining from sex
  5. corroborate
    (v) to confirm
  6. duplicity
    (n) deceitfulness
  7. exemplary
    (adj) serving as a model
  8. fetid
    (adj) stinking; having an offensive smell
  9. indigent
    (adj) poverty-stricken
  10. maniacal
    (adj) characterized by madness
  11. pugnacious
    (adj) eager and ready to fight; quarrelsome
  12. scoff
    (v) to mock or jeer at; to make fun of
  13. travesty
    (n) exaggerated imitation intended to ridicule
  14. unctuous
    (adj) oily or slippery; insincerely earnest
  15. zany
    (adj) clownish; foolish; funny; absurd
  16. anathema
    (n) curse; denunciation; someone who is cursed, reviled, or shunned
  17. anomaly
    (n) deviation from the common rule; abnormality
  18. castigate
    (v) to punish, to criticize severely
  19. despot
    (n) a monarch with unlimited power
  20. expunge
    (v) to erase; to remove completely
  21. ingratiate
    (v) to make oneself acceptable
  22. insouciant
    (adj) carefree, or indifferent; lacking concern
  23. misanthropy
    (n) hatred of mankind
  24. plethora
    (n) overabundance; excess
  25. risqué
    (adj) suggesting something indecent
  26. sagacious
    (adj) very wise or shrewd
  27. squalid
    (adj) dirty or wretched in appearance; morally repulsive; sordid
  28. subversion
    (n) to undermine with the intention to overthrow
  29. vicissitude
    (n) natural change or alternation; mutability
  30. voluble
    (adj) fluent; garrulous
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