Neuro #33 Basal nuclei.txt

  1. What makes up the corpus striatum?
    CN, P, GP
  2. What makes up the striatum?
    CN, P
  3. What makes up the pallidum?
  4. What makes up the lenticular nucleus?
    P, GP
  5. What is another name for the Ventral striatum?
    nucleus accumbens
  6. What is the function of the Ventral Striatum (Nucleus accumbens)?
    Link the CN and P (Striatum)
  7. What is another name for the Ventral Pallidum?
    Substantia innominata
  8. What is the main efferent connection of the basal nuclei?
    • VA/VL nucleus of the thalamus
    • ** send signal out
  9. What is the main afferent connection for the basal nuclei?
    Cortex (send to VA/VL to be sent out)
  10. What does Dopamine release from the Substantia Nigra Pars Compacta do to the indirect and direct paths?
    • Indirect: Inhibits in Putamen
    • Direct: Excites in putamen
  11. For the Striatopallidal projections, what chemical accompanies GABA in the indirect and direct pathway?
    • Indirect: enkephalin
    • Direct: Substance P
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Neuro #33 Basal nuclei.txt
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