Lesson 58

  1. aplomb
    a handling of something with confidence and composure; self-assurance
  2. automaton
    a creature acting in a mechanical way with no indication of intelligence
  3. berate
    to engage in intense and long scolding or condemnation
  4. cascade
    a steep waterfall or series of waterfalls, a continuous series
  5. celerity
    quickness (usually in accomplishing a task)
  6. cicuitous
    indirect, roundabout
  7. delimits
    fixes or definses the limit or boundary of something
  8. discriminating
    drawing fine distinctions; picky
  9. dormer
    a gabled extension of an attic room; window in such an extension
  10. execrable
    extremely bad, deserving of hate
  11. forswear
    to renounce and to repudiate
  12. grotto
  13. limpid
    clear, transparent
  14. meritorious
    deserving of honor and praise
  15. pathogenic
  16. plumage
    feathers of a bird
  17. pregenitor
    related ancestor; forefather
  18. regimen
    the regular process, procedure, or system of doing something
  19. rotund
    very plump, round
  20. ruffianism
    rowdy or tough behavior
  21. shepherd (verb)
    to guide, to guard, or to tend to
  22. stratum
    a horizontal layer
  23. tensile
    capable of being stretched
  24. unwitting
    not intentional, without knowledge
  25. vogue
    popular fashion
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Lesson 58