1. True or False

    In order to be able to smell a substance, the chemical from it must be disolved in the nasal mucus.
  2. True or False

    Smell receptors are located along the septum of the nose.
  3. True or False

    Some taste buds are on the roof of the mouth.
  4. True or False

    The retina converts the light reflected by an object into nerve impulses that are transmitted along the optic nerve of the brain.
  5. True or False

    Many of the changes that occur with vision occur with age therefore elderly people may fall more often than younger people.
  6. True or False

    Movements of the hairs of the cochlea caused by sound waves trigger nerve impulses that are transmitted by the auditory nerve to the brain which are perceived as sound.
  7. True or False

    The eye has two layers and three chambers.

    The eye has three layers and two chambers.
  8. True or False

    A person cannot have more than one type of hearing loss.
  9. True or False

    Changes that occur with aging include shrinking of the ear drum, degeneration of joints between the bones of the inner ear so they do not move freely.
  10. To maintain eye safety in the home, you should advise patients to do what?
    Never mix cleaning solutions
  11. What produces tears and secretes enzymes to destroy bacteria and viruses in the eye?
    Lacrimal Glands
  12. Which six eye muscles function together to move the eyeball?
    Extrinsic eye muscles
  13. Transparent area on the front of the eye which allows light to enter is the ________.
  14. The white of the eye that funcions to protect the eye.
  15. As the iris contracts and relaxes an opening at the center called the _________ grows larger and smaller.
  16. The ________ can change shape and helps the eye focus on images of objects that are near or far away.
  17. Inner layer of the eye that contains rods and cones.
  18. ________ controls the amount of light entering the eye.
  19. A progressive disease that usually affects people over the age of 50 and occurs when the retina no longer receives an adequate blood supply.
    Macular Degeneration
  20. In which disorder do crossed eyes not focus on the same image?
  21. A common eye disorder which disorders in results in the loss of lens elastisity and developes with age, causing difficulty seeing images close up.
  22. Structures within the lens that prevent light from going trough the lens causing images to look fuzzy.
  23. Caused by a bacterial or viral infection.

    Commonly called pink eye
  24. What is considered a medical emergency and causes wavy vision.
    Retinal Detatchment
  25. _________ is indicated by an increase in intraocular pressure, caused by a buildup of aqueous humor in the anterior chamber. It can lead to permanent damage in the optical nerve resulting in blindness.
  26. Snell letter chart is commonly used for _______.
    B. Myopia
  27. Another name for the ear drum is ________.
    Tympanic membrane
  28. The three tiny bones that viabrate in response to sound are called __________.
    ear ossicles
  29. __________ is a buildup of ear wax within the external auditory canal.
    Cerumen impaction
  30. A disturbance in the equilibrium caused by vertigo and tinnitus is called _______________.
    Meniere's Disease
  31. ____________ is an inflammation of the ear.
  32. Smell receptors are also called __________.
  33. The process of the eye focusing on images of objects that are near or far away is called __________.
  34. The watery substance that provides nutrients and bathes the structures in the anterior chamber of the eyeball is called ____________.
    Aqueous humor
  35. The three tiny bones called ear ossicles are called _________, __________, and _________.
    Malleus, Incus, and Stapes
  36. The eye socket or _______ form a protective shell around the eye.
  37. The white of the eye, also called ________, is the tough outermost layer of the eye that covers all except the front of the eye.
  38. Abnormal ringing in the ear is called ________.
  39. Another term for dizziness is _________.
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