1. Accuracy
    How close a measurement conforms with a standard or accepted value
  2. Apparent Dip (α)
    The inclination of a place measured in a direction not perpendicular to strike
  3. Dip (δ)
    The inclination of the line of greatest slope of an inclined plane, measured perpendicular to strike
  4. Fold line
    A hinge line along which a vertical cross section may be constructed and then flattened out to a horizontal or map view
  5. Pole
    A line perpendicular to a plane, an represented as a opoint on a stereographic projection
  6. Plunge
    The vertical angle between a line and horizontal
  7. Precision
    The degree of agreement or consistency of repeated measurements
  8. Rake (Pitch)
    The angle measured in a specified plane, between a line and the horizontal
  9. Slope Angle (σ)
    The angle from the horizontal down to the slope
  10. Steronet
    A representation of angular relationships between planes and lines
  11. Strike
    The bearing of a horizontal line in an inclined plane
  12. Thrickness
    The perpendicular distance between the top and bottom of a geologic unit
  13. Trend
    The bearing of the vertical plane containing a line
  14. β
    The angle between strike and the apparent dip direction
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