1. Common cause of prerenal acute renal failure, what condition is related to it?
    cardio vascular shock and decrease cardio output
  2. _________ accumulation of urea and other nitrogen substances; cause potential neurologic changes
  3. what diuretic would the nx question in acute renal failure
  4. SATA – s/sx of end stage of renal dx
    • Uremic frost
    • Presence of metabolic acidosis, anemia, edema, htn
    • Osteodystrophy
  5. FILL-IN

    ion exchange resin to remove excessive potassium
    sodium polystyrene sulfate (kayexalate)
  6. who is a preferred kidney donor?
  7. FILL-IN

    ion exchange resin to remove excessive potassium
  8. nx intervention for CRF
    daliy wts, I&O, v/v, lung and heart sounds, jugular vein distension
  9. Chronic renal pt, what lab test will show the effectiveness of the tx
  10. Potential complication of peritoneal dialysis

    5 most common STIs
    • 1. Chlamydia
    • 2. Gonorrhea
    • 3. Syphilis
    • 4. Genital herpes
    • 5. Genital warts
  12. SATA: STD’s in general, who is usually reported to?
    • CDC
    • Local health department
  13. What are sx of Chlamydia?
    sparse, clear urethral discharge…
  14. If you were a nx for an asystematic female pt with gonorrhea, and taking a culture, nx tell pt to
    come back in a week
  15. what can be a sign that a pt has gonorrhea
    painful urination
  16. What comfort measures would u recommend for a person with genital herpes
    wear loose clothing (underwear) that promotes air circulation about the genitals
  17. What shows that a pt understands the potential complication of Chlamydia
    PID = sterile
  18. Which group would u like to know that understand the importance of annual pap smears
    pt with HPV
  19. What drug routes of admin are best for secondary syphilis
    penicillin G given IM into gluteal maximus
  20. SATA: what nx consideration
    for pt taking tetracycline
    • Take on empty stomach
    • Avoid antacids
    • Do not use outdated drugs b/c they are nephrotoxic
    • use suncreen
  21. Pt is cry…has hemodialysis…what intervention is best for her
    sit quietly
  22. Pt has syphilis, when is the best time for discharge planning
    when they are admitted
  23. Best infection control method
    wash hands
  24. Pt has rx, lasix and furosimide, nx tell pt
    let pt know they are the same thing
  25. Salycilate Poisioning…which dialysis would u recommend
  26. Arterial insufficiency (poor circulation)
    tell them to avoid crossing their legs at the knee and ankle
  27. Safe administration medication, what will nx do first
    look at the name band
  28. The following are fx of kidney, except –
    understand: secrete goes directly to the blood and excrete makes it goes into a duct
  29. Which lab test do u think would have to do with fluid overload
    specific gravity
  30. Nx just empty bed pan, what should nx do next
    wash hands throughly
  31. Collecting specimen with indwelling catheter, how will nx collect sterile urine?
    use syringe with needle to aspirate urine, then put into sterile cup
  32. Classifications of ARF, which doesn’t belong?
    types of ARF: prerenal, intrarenal, endrenal

    what is the pt's total intake?
    INO calculation of total intake between 7 – 3
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