1. Perfusion
    Gas delivery and return via lungs and blood
  2. Ventilation
    Moving air in and out of lungs
  3. Spirometry
    "Breath" "Measure"
  4. Phrenic Nerves
    Provide control to diaphragm from spinal column
  5. Intercostal
    Muscles of ribs which are used for breathing
  6. Emphysema
    COPD, elastic tissues in lungs degrade and lung becomes a large floppy sac
  7. Fibrosis
    Lung scaring
  8. Dipalmitoyl Choline
    Pulmonary surfactant
  9. Iron Lung
    Full body mechanical ventilator (Negative Pressure)
  10. Thorax
    Between head and abdomen
  11. Ligament
    Connects bone and bone
  12. Tendon
    Connects muscle and bone
  13. Cartilage
    Flexible connective tissue between joints.
  14. Articular
  15. Muco Poly Sucharide
    • "Mucus""Many""Sugar"
    • long chains of sugar and mucus
  16. Thixotrophy
    Behaves elastically under fast load and flows under slow load.
  17. Synovial Fluid
    MPS hydrogel found in cartilage
  18. Hydroxyapatite
    Compression crystals in bone (Calcium phosphate ceramic)
  19. Osteoblast
    Make bone
  20. Osteoclast
    Destroy bone
  21. Osteocyte
    Maintain bone
  22. Osteopenia
    More destruction than building
  23. Osteoporosis
    When osteopenia leads to mechanical damage
  24. Periosteum
    Soft tissue on outside of bone (Rich in osteoblasts)
  25. Epiphysis
    Rounded end of long bone
  26. Metaphysis
    Middle section of long bone
  27. Medullary canal
    Middle of bone filled with fat and blood or cells in youth
  28. Cortical bone
    Compact bone
  29. Cancellous Bone
    Spongy bone
  30. Scurvy
    Vitamin C deficiency - Collagen crosslinks between alpha chains do not form
  31. Rickets
    Vitamin D defficient
  32. Lamella bone
    Layered bone
  33. Osteon
    Collagen tube with reverse helical pitch
  34. Osteoarthritis
    Bone cartilage is destroyed
  35. Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
    Bone cement
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