Psychology ch 12

  1. motivation
    an internal state that activates behavior and directgs it toward a goal
  2. instincts
    innate tendencies that determine behavior
  3. need
    biological or psychological requirement of an organism
  4. drive
    a state of tension produced´╗┐ by a need that motivates an organism toward a goal
  5. homeostasis
    the tendency of all organims to correct imbalances and deviations from their normal state
  6. incentive
    an external stimulus, reinforcer, or reward that motivates behavior
  7. extrinsic motivation
    engaging in activities that either reduce biological needs or help us obtain external incentives
  8. intrinsic motivation
    engaging in activities because they are personally rewarding or because they fulfill our beliefs and expectations
  9. lateral hypothalamus (LH)
    the part of the hypotha;amus that produces hunger signals
  10. ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH)
    the part of the hypothalamus tha can cause one to stop eating
  11. fundamental needs
    biological drives that must be satisfied to maintain life
  12. psychological needs
    the urge to belong and to give and recieve love, and the urge to acquire esteem
  13. self-actualization needs
    the pursuit of knowledge and beauty or whatever else is required for the realization of one's unique potential
  14. emotion
    a set of complex reactions to stimuli involving subjective feelings, physiological arousa, and observable behavior
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