unit 2- genitalia & rectum

  1. inspection and palpation- female genitalia
    • empty her bladder
    • ask lcient to lie dwon
    • feet in stirrups
    • ask client to move to end of table
  2. what are the expected findings or the pubic region
    • female ahir distribution an dpattern in a downward triangle
    • no parasites
    • no lesions
  3. what are the expected findings of the labia
    • symmetrical w/ the possibility of one side being slightly larger
    • w/o lesions or edema
    • labia minora thinner than labia majora
    • soft and tender
  4. what are expected findings of the clitoris
    • 2 cm or less in length
    • 0.5 cm wide
    • pink in color
    • w/o lesions or adhesions
  5. what are the expected findings of urethral meatus
    • slit-like opening anterior to the vaginal opening
    • w/o erythema or nodulces
    • no discharge
  6. what are the expected findings of the perineum
    intact w/o lesions
  7. how do you insert a speculum
    • blades closed, the handle is obliquely positioned
    • place 2 fingers in the intoritus and exert downward pressure
    • insert the speculum over the fingers at downward 45 degree angle
    • turn handle downward once the blades clear the intoritus
    • open blades and when the cervix is visible, lock in place
  8. when expecting the cervix what are you looking for?
    • color- pink
    • lesions
    • size
    • position
    • appearace of the os
    • discharge
  9. what are the expected finding when assessing the penis?
    • skin is intact w/o lesions
    • perpuce, if present, is easily retracted, smegma may be present
    • glans w/o erythema or lesions
  10. what are the expected findings of the testes?
    • each testicle is ovoid and approximately 2-4 cm in length
    • one testicle hangs lower in the scrotum than the other
    • the testes are rubbery in consistency
    • the testes are w/o nodules
  11. what are some good positions to do a rectal exam?
    • lithotomy position
    • sim's (lying on left side)
    • standing w/ upper body supported on exam table
  12. the optimal time for a nurse to provide or reinforce client teaching regarding TSE

    C. during performance of the genitalia exam
  13. it is recommended that a digital rectal exam be performed annually on men over the age to assess for the presence of

    A. prostate enlargement or nodules
  14. when preparing for a female genitalia inspection, the nurse should

    D. instruct the client to empty her bladder
  15. which of the following are normal female genitalia age-related changes following menopause? (select all)
    irregular menses
    sparse pubic hair
    increased baginal lubrication
    nonpalpable ovaries
    vaginal atrophy
    clitoral atrophy
    • sparse pubic hair
    • nonpalpable ovaries
    • vaginal atrophy
    • clitoral atrophy
  16. defn direct inguinal hernias
    occur between the posterior inguinal canal wall and the inguinal ligament
  17. defn indirect inguinal hernias
    occur in the inguinal canal
  18. defn femoral hernias
    • occur where the femoral artery leaves the abdomen in the groin
    • femoral hernias may be palpaed by asking the client to cough again while feeling for bulges over the femoral canal
  19. what is the epididymis?
    comma-shapped and is super, posterior, and lateral one ach testicle and whould be w/o tenderness or edema
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