1. Trapezius
    • O: Occipital bone, Upper vertebrae
    • I: scapula, lateral clavicle
    • A: Extends head; moves scapula
  2. Latissimus Dorsi
    • O Lower vertebrae, iliac crest
    • I humerus
    • A Extends, adducts humerus (arm)
  3. Supraspinatus
    • O: supraspinous fossa of scapula
    • I: humerus
    • A: Abducts humerus
  4. Infraspinatus
    • O: infraspinous fossa
    • I: humerus
    • A: Lateral rotation of humerus
  5. Rhomboids
    • O: Upper vertebrae
    • I: Medial Scapula
    • A: Retracts Scapula
  6. Subscapularis
    • O: subscapular fossa of scapula
    • I: humerus
    • A: medial rotation of humerus
  7. teres major
    • O: inferior/lateral scapula
    • I: humerus
    • A: synergist to latissimus dorsi
  8. teres minor
    • O: lateral scapula
    • I: humerus
    • A: lateral rotation of humerus
  9. pectoralis major
    • O: clavicle, sternum
    • I: humerus
    • A: flexes, ADDUCTS and medially humerus
  10. pectoralis minor
    • O: ribs (3,4,5)
    • I: cocacoid process of scaplua
    • A: moves scapula
  11. external intercostal
    A: raises ribs for inspiration
  12. internal intercostal
    A: depresses ribs for inspiration
  13. Diaphragm
    A: Prime muscle of inspiration (flattens on contraction)
  14. Serratus Anterior
    • O: ribs (1-8)
    • I: anterior aspect of medial scapula
    • A: protracts scapula
  15. Deltoid
    • O: clavicle, scapula
    • I: humerus
    • A: abducts humerus
  16. Biceps Brachii
    • O: Short head: coracoid process, Long head: Glenoid
    • I: radial tuberosity of radius
    • A: flexes forearm at elbow, supinates forearm
  17. Brachialis
    • O: distal humerus
    • I: Coranoid process of the ulna
    • A: flexes forearm at elbow
  18. Triceps Brachii
    • O: scapula, posterior humerus
    • I: olecranon process of the ulan
    • A: extends forearm at elbow
  19. Brachioradialis
    • O: distal humerus
    • I: distal radius
    • A: flexes forearm at elbow
  20. Flexor carpi radialis
    • O: medial epicondyle of humerus
    • I: lateral hand (2nd, 3rd metacarpals)
    • A: flexes wrist, ABDUCTS hand
  21. flexor carpi ulnaris
    • O: medial epicondyle of humerus
    • I: medial carpals and hand (5th metacarpal)
    • A: flexes wrist, ADDUCTS hand
  22. Palmaris Longus
    • O: medial epicondyle of humerus
    • I: palmar aponeurosis
    • A: wrist flexion
  23. Pronator Teres
    • O: medial epicondyle of humerus
    • I: lateral radius
    • A: Pronates and flexes forearm at elbow
  24. Extensor carpi radialis (longus and brevis)
    • O: lateral epicondyle of humerus
    • I: lateral hand (2nd, 3rd metacarpals)
    • A: extends and ABDUCTS wrist
  25. Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
    • O: lateral epicondyle of humerus
    • I: medial hand (5th metacarpal)
    • A: extends and ADDUCTS wrist
  26. Extensor Digitorum
    • O: lateral epicondyle of the humerus
    • I: posterior distal phalanges (digits 2-5)
    • A: extends fingers and thumb
  27. Extensor "digiti" minimi
    A: extends 5th digit
  28. Extensor Pollicis Longus
    A: extends thumb
  29. Extensor Pollicis Brevis
    A: extends thumb
  30. Abductor pollicis longus
    A: ABDUCTS and extends thumb
  31. Frontalis
    A; raises eyebrow, wrinkles forehead
  32. Masseter
    A: elevates mandible
  33. Temporalis
    A: elevates and retracts mandible
  34. Zygomaticus
    A: raises corners of mouth, smiling
  35. Levator labii Superiorius
    A: raises upper lip
  36. Risorius
    A: draws corners of mouth into a smile
  37. Orbicularis Oculi
    A: closes eye
  38. Orbicularis Oris
    A: closes and puckers lips
  39. Eye: Superior Rectus
    A: rotates eyeball superiorly and medially
  40. Inferior rectus
    A: rotates eyeball inferiorly and medially
  41. medial rectus
    A: rotates eyeball medially
  42. lateral rectus
    A: rotates eyeball laterally
  43. superior oblique
    A: rotates eyeball inferiorly and laterally
  44. inferior oblique
    rotates eyeball superioraly and laterally
  45. Sternothyroid
    • O: sternum
    • I: thyroid cartilge
    • A: depresses thyroid cartilage
  46. sternohyoid
    • O: sternum
    • I: hyoid bone
    • A: depresses hyoid
  47. thyrohyoid
    • O: thyroid cartilige
    • I: hyoid
    • A: depresses hyoid or elevates larnyx
  48. sternocleidmastoid
    • O: sternum, clavicle
    • I: mastoid process of temporal bone
    • A: singly, rotates head to oppostie shoulder; together, flexes head
  49. digastric
    • O: mandible and mastoid process
    • I: hyoid bone
    • A: evelate hyoid and depress mandible (open mouth)
  50. mylohyoid
    • O: mandible
    • I: hyoid
    • A: elevates hyoid
  51. rectus abdominus
    A: flexes trunk
  52. external oblique
    A: flexes, rotates trunk
  53. internal oblique
    flexes, rotates trunk
  54. transversus abdominis
    A: compresses abdominal wall
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