B- Humidity/nebs/mdi/spacers/dpi

  1. nasal cannula and any mask w/ small bore tubing is always on a
    bubble humidifier
  2. proper function of humidifier should be checked by occluding or pinching the connecting tubing and you must hear for the
    whistling sound
  3. if there is no whistling sound, check for leaks
    • cracked or loose
    • worn/missing gasket
    • broken/loose connections
  4. 6 types of humidifiers
    • bubble
    • memnrane cartlidge systems- vapotherm
    • passover
    • HME
    • wick
    • heated wire circuit
  5. membrane catridge sys has a humidification sys that can heat and humidify oxygen at flow rates up to
    40 l/min
  6. passover commonly used in conjunction with
    infant vent and circuits
  7. the HME should be located in the vent circuit btwn
    wye and the pt (where deadspace is located)
  8. when should you replace HME
    when airway pressure increases
  9. HME idea use is for pt
    • transport
    • short term vent
  10. which humidifier can deliver 100% body humidity
    wick humidifier
  11. which humidifier has a low risk of cross-contamination
  12. what is used in conjunction with vent humidi sts to minimize circuit condensation
    heated wire circuits
  13. an aerosol is created and then encounters a baffle. larger particles are filtered out and return to the reservoir thus producing a SMALLER more uniform particle size
  14. SVN are used to nenulize
    small doses of meds
  15. a sputtering sound indicates that all of the solution has been
  16. LVN are utilized to deliver bland aerosols to the upper airway to
    • decrease the chance of edema
    • or humidity deficit
  17. if pt has LVN and thick secretions are developing, you can add a
    heating element
  18. if the LVN is not misting enough
    • clogged capillary tube
    • insufficient flow
  19. water collecting in the tubing will casuse less air to be entrained causing the Fio2 to
  20. aerosol produced in short puffs indicates
    condensation in the tubing
  21. increased rate and depth of breathing may indicate
    insufficient flow
  22. nebs have a higher rick of contamination because
    particles are produced
  23. when using a bleder w/ a large vol neb make sure to set
    • set bleder at desired fio2
    • set the air entrainment port on LVN at 100% (closed)
  24. SPAG is specifically designed to deliver
    Ribavirin (virazole)
  25. Ribavirin (Virazole) is to treat
    Resp Syncytial Virus
  26. a nebulizer that has a electrical energy through the use of a transducer with a piezoelectric quality
    ultrasonic nebulizer
  27. ultrasonic has the highest output range of
    aqueous solution without heating
  28. to create cough using a ultrasonic neb just add
  29. to increase mist on a ultrasonic neb, you must
    increase amplitude (volume)
  30. what should you do before giving a new MDI to pt
    prime the med atleast 4 times
  31. spacers and holding chambers can be used to overcome
    coordination difficulties
  32. when using DPI make sure the patient inhales
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B- Humidity/nebs/mdi/spacers/dpi
B- Humidity/nebs/mdi/spacers/dpi