Chapter 22 Test

  1. Zimmerman Note
    • Telegram to Mexico promising lost land from Germany if they attack
    • form of propaganda
  2. April 6th, 1917
    Date that the United States entered the Great War
  3. Vladamir Lenin
    led a rebellion in Russia against Czar Nicholas II who did nothing while the people suffered
  4. Czar Nicholas II
    appressive leader who was no help in Russia
  5. Bolshevic Revolution
    Russian internal Rebellion
  6. Treaty of Brest-Litousk
    Russia gave up a large portion of land to Germany in order to get themselves out of the war
  7. AEF
    • America England and France
    • -->allies
  8. Black Jack Pershing*
    • US General
    • did not believe in trench warfare
  9. Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
    German U boats began sinking ships without warning, after breaking the Sussex Pledge
  10. Wilson's 14 Points
    a shot at lasting peace, brought to treaty but only the fourteenth point was accepted, the forming of a peace keeping group
  11. Self Determination
    the right of a people to choose their own government
  12. Collective Security
    A system where nations pledge mutual defence
  13. England -Lloyd George
    • important delegate to treaty of versailles
    • one of the "big four" who negotiated the treaty of versailles
  14. France- Clemenceau
    • another one of the big four at the treaty
    • held country together during German defense
  15. Versailles Treaty
    • After World War I the fighting countries made this treaty attacked germany and austria hungary- unfair
    • took away germanys means of making money and demanded high reparations
  16. Alsace Loraine, Rhine River, Saar Valley
    land of value kept away from germany by the allies
  17. Reparations
    • payments made for war damages
    • germany was demanded 33 billion by England
  18. Mandate System
    system of giving colonies their own governments with help from the big allies like france and GB
  19. League of Nations
    • only part of wilsons 14 points that followed through
    • useless when US refused to join because they had the strong army
  20. Dawes Plan
    plan to relieve germany of economic pressure
  21. Polish Corridor*
    lay "the root of the next war"
  22. Nationalism
    • pride in one's country
    • 2 types: were better than you and were culturally different than you and want to break away
  23. Militarism
    • Jingoism
    • glorification of military power
    • one of the causes of World War I
  24. Schlieffan
    Feild Marshall from germany who made a plan that called for the knockout of france before going against Russia
  25. Alfred Mahan
    • served in the civil war and later taught history
    • argued that world power meant sea power
  26. Alliances
    • another cause of WWI
    • agreements between countries to help eachother during war
  27. Triple Alliance
    alliance formed between germany, austria-hungary, and the ottoman empire
  28. Schlieffan Plan
    plan to attack france first so Germany could then focus on fighting Russia the bigger and stronger army
  29. Triple Entante
    alliance formed between Great Britain, France and Russia.
  30. Balkan Powder Keg
    everyone in the balkan penninsula wanted independence and all the major countries wanted to take over the balkan penninsula. conflict began and AH entered serbia. AH feared nationalism spreading. What really set off the balkan powder keg was the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
  31. Sarajevo, Bosnia
    capital of bosnia-hertzgovinia where the AH arch duke and wife sophie were killed
  32. Gavril Princip
    • the arch duke's assassin
    • acted without official authority of serbian government
    • belonged to the black hand
  33. Black Hand
    • a secret nationalist serbian society
    • gavril princip was a member- assassin
  34. Franz Ferdinand
    • AH arch duke
    • killed in Sarajuevo after entering bosnia hertzgovinia
    • his assassination set off the balkan powder keg and sparked mobilization and war
  35. July 28th, 1914
    • Official beginning of World War I
    • Serbia vs. Austria Hungary
  36. Allied Powers
    the alliance of Russia, France, and Great Brittain changed their name to this when smaller nations joined them
  37. The M.A.I.N. Causes of WWI
    • Militarism: glorification of military power
    • Alliances: agreements formed between countries to not fight
    • Imperialism: building an empire based on force on other countries
    • Nationalism: Countries wanted independence. were better than you or were culturally different
  38. Propaganda
    • false info spread to sell papers and spread rumors
    • ex: the Zimmerman note
  39. Atrocities
    acts of great cruelty and brutality
  40. Espionage
    spying to acuire secret information from a government
  41. Armenian Genocide
    • the first use of the word genocide, first hollocaust
    • the ottoman empire killed and brutally abducted, tortured, and massacred the armenian people
    • woman and children extremely abused
    • attrocities commited
  42. Paris Gun
    • cannon that could shoot 15 miles
    • germany wanted to shoot to paris
  43. Dirigibles
    blimps filled with helium
  44. Submarines
    underwater ships used by germans during WWI
  45. Trench Warfare
    digging trenches in war to wear the other side out. also helped to hold the land you have aquired
  46. War of Attrition
    each side tries to wear down or outlast the other
  47. Western FRont
    France Front vs Germany
  48. Eastern Front
    Russia, Germany, Ottoman Empire
  49. Arab State of Palestine
    Palastine was a British Mandate and GB left it to self govern
  50. Cruiser Rule
    everyone had to be warned in advance to escape before a cruise ship was attacked
  51. Contraband- Straw
    • war materials that were hidden and transported on ships such as cruise ships
    • straw was added to the list of contraband because that is what the war materials were packed in
  52. U-Boats
    German Submarines used to attack ships
  53. Torpedoes
    • underwater missels
    • germans used a torpedo to attack the sussex
  54. Lusitania
    • ship attacked by germany
    • had contraband on board and sunk when attacked
  55. Sussex
    • boat attacked by a torpedo, only tilted did not sink
    • sparked the sussex pledge in which germany had to agree not to attack any ships without warning.
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