Scotboro(An American Tragedy)

  1. The incident on the train happened on _.
    March 25, 1931
  2. Due to the _, as many as two dozen hobos were riding the trains looking for work in different towns.
    Great Depression
  3. A few miles past Lookout Mountain, a group of white men moved along the top of the train and stepped on _'s hand, almost knocking him iff the train.
    Haywood Patterson
  4. Word of the fight reached _, Alabama where the train was schedualed to stop and take on water.
    Paint Rock
  5. A group of white men armed with guns met the train and began searching for the group of black men. Instead _ and _ emerged from the train looking unkempt and dressed in overalls.
    Victoria Price, Ruby Bates
  6. The black men were taken to the jail in _.
  7. There were _ prisoners in all.
  8. Soon the jail was surrounded by _ and _ had to be called in for protection.
    crowds, the National Guard
  9. Of the nine accused men, only _ knew each other prior to their arrest.
  10. _ was the oldest at age _.
    Charlie Weans, 19
  11. _ was the youngest at age _.
    Eugene Williams, 13
  12. Willie Roberspn suffered from _ so severe he could barely walk.
  13. Olin Mongonmery, nearly blind, had been looking for a job to pay for _.
    a pair of glasses
  14. Clarence Norris left behind _ in rural Georgia.
    ten siblings
  15. Ozie Powell had been found _.
    riding alone
  16. Andy Wright and his 13 year old brother Roy had ridden from Chattanooga together. It was Roy's first_.
    time away from home
  17. Haywood Patterson said _.
    He could light a butt by the wind
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