Vision Science

  1. What are the layers of the cornea and list their purposes.
  2. How thick is each of the layers (in µm and cell numbers)?
  3. What are the different types of cells in the epithelium?
  4. What does Bowman’s layer consist of?
  5. What kind of cells are found in the stroma and what are their purposes?
  6. What is polymegethism and polymorphism and why do they appear in Descemet’s layer?
  7. What is the ratio of oxygen utilisation in the cornea and why?
  8. List the constituents of corneal metabolism and where they come from.
  9. What is the general process of corneal metabolism?
  10. What are the 3 ways that metabolism can occur? State the steps and the energy efficiency of each.
  11. What can affect the rate of corneal metabolism?
  12. Where does corneal metabolism mainly take place and why?
  13. How does the cornea achieve transparency and why can’t the sclera do the same?
  14. What is the function between the relationship between GAGs and collagen fibrils?
  15. What does Maurice’s Theory suggest?
  16. How is part of Maurice’s Theory invalid?
  17. What does Miller and Benedek’s theory
  18. What are the characteristics of light
    scattering and how is it affected?
  19. How is the thickness of the stroma
    related to corneal swelling?
  20. What causes stromal swelling?
  21. What two main components that stop
    the stroma from swelling?
  22. What are the three types of junctions
    found in the epithelium, where are they located and what purpose do they serve?
  23. Why is it necessary that water is
    transported to the epithelium?
  24. How does epithelial edema occur, is
    it related to stroma edema and what are its effects?
  25. What are the characteristics of the
    endothelium with relation to edema, and what kinds of junctions are found here?
  26. What is the function of the metabolic
    pump found in the epithelium?
  27. What are the characteristics of the
    metabolic pump found in the endothelium?
  28. What evidence is there that supports
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