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  1. Amendment
    Any change to the constitution
  2. Anti-Federalists
    Opposed ratification of the Constitution
  3. Bicameral
    2 house legislation
  4. Bill of Rights
    first 10 Amendments of Constitution.
  5. Boycott
    Refusal to purchase certain goods.
  6. Checks and Balances
    System in which each branch has powers over the others.
  7. civil liberties
    Freedoms to act and think without government interference.
  8. Common Law
    Laws based on precedents.
  9. Confederation
    State Governments
  10. Constitution
    Written plan for government
  11. Constitutional Convention
    Meeting of state delegates in 1787 leading to the adoption of the constitution.
  12. Dictatorship
    Government controlled by one or a small group of people.
  13. Direct Democracy
    a form of democracy in which people vote first hand.
  14. Electoral college
    people elected to elect the president and vice president.
  15. Federalism
    Form of Government in which power is divided by state and federal governments.
  16. federalists
    supporters of constitution
  17. Mercantilism
    Theory a country should sell more goods.
  18. naturalization
    legal process to become a citizen.
  19. Popular sovereignty
    power lies with people.
  20. precedent
    ruling that is used as a basis of a decision.
  21. representative democracy
    citizens choose a smaller group to govern them.
  22. separation of powers
    split of authority through the branches.
  23. slander
    spoken lies
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