unit 2- boobs

  1. true or false. Men and women should perfom SBE.
  2. what is the expected finding for a female's breast?
    • firm, elastic w/o lesions/nodules
    • may feel lumpy bilaterally
  3. what is fibrocystic breast disease?
    tender cysts that are often more prominent during menstruation
  4. what needs to be documented if a nodule is found?
    • location (quadrent)
    • size (actual cm)
    • shape
    • consistency (soft, firm, hard)
    • discreteness (well-defined borders fo mass)
    • tenderness
    • erythema
    • dimpling or retraction over the mass
    • lymphadenopathy
    • mobility
  5. what are the 4 positions a breast exam can be preformed in (women only)?
    • arms at the side
    • arms above head
    • hands on hips pressing firmly
    • leaning forwar (arms out in front or on hips)
  6. what are the 3 techniques used to palpate each breast from the sternum to posterior axillary line and from clavicle to bra line?
    • circular patterns
    • wedge patterns
    • vertical strip patterns
  7. how should the nipple be examined?
    compess it between your thumb and index finger and look for discharge
  8. which of the following are expected changes of the breast tissue after menopause? (select all)
    clear discharge from nipple
    more pendulous
    breast tissue replaced by adipose tissue
    • more pendulous
    • breast tissue replaced by adipose tissue
  9. during palpation of the breast, the client is instructed to extend an arm over her head, and a small pillow or folded towel is placed uner her shoulder to...?
    spread the tissue more evenly over the chest wall for easier palpation
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