surg tech ch 22

  1. what structure is refered to as the pacemaker of the heart
    SA node
  2. what portion of the heart recives unoxygenated blood
    right atrium
  3. what portion of the heart is responsible for pumping blood into the aortia
    left ventricle
  4. coronary arteries arise from
    the aorta
  5. cornary veins empty into
    coronary sinus
  6. what structure is attached to the valvular cusps & prevents valves from swinging back into the atrium
    chordae tendineae
  7. how many pulmonary veins
  8. structure that prevents trachea from collapsing
    hyaline cartilage
  9. the microscopic air sacs clustered at the end of the bronchial are called
  10. the main bronchi, pulmonary arteries, veins & lymphatic vessels enter the lung on the medial surface through the
  11. the right lung has how many lobes
  12. the heart lies
    slightly to the left within the mediastinum
  13. what surrounds the heart
  14. cardiac cycle is what
    everything that takes place during a single heartbeat
  15. what does systole mean
  16. when does a fetal heart begin developing
    3rd week of gestation
  17. what is most common congenital chest deformity
    pectus excavtum
  18. what is the medical term for an abnormal accumulation of air in the pleural cavity
  19. abnormal opening in the wall between the R and L ventricles is knows as
    ventricular septal defect
  20. what instrument is preferred for the removal of a foreign body in the bronchial tree of infants & children
    rigid bronco scope
  21. what procedure is not considered sterile
  22. what postion is the patient in for a lobectomy
    posterolateral postition
  23. what is the skin prep for a posterolateral thorocotomy
    shoulder & arm down to iliac crest
  24. which intercostal space is entered for a thoracotomy
    incision between 4th & 5th rib - enter in 5th space
  25. which piece of equipment assumes the rold of the heart & lungs
    pump oxygenator
  26. what protects the heart from damage during cardiopulmonary bypass (open heart)
  27. which mechanical device is designated for circulatory support after cardiac crocedures
    intra aorta balloon pump
  28. which type of hemostatic agent is placed on each side of the sternum after sternotomy
    bone wax
  29. what protion of the heart is the canula placed to achieve venus canulation
    right atrium
  30. which solution is not used during coronary artery bypass grafting
  31. parts of sterunum from superior to inferior
    • manubrium
    • body
    • xiphoid process
  32. what is the number of true ribs
  33. trachea is divided into right and left bronchi at what point
  34. oxygenated blood leaves the lungs through
    pulmonary veins
  35. what is another name for mitral valve
  36. normal adult heart rate
    72 bpm
  37. a continuation of the umbilical vein
    ductus venosus
  38. after birth with the elimination of the placental circulation what structure closes
    ductus arteriosus
  39. what precent of all patients with carcinoma of the lung are smokers
  40. what is the most common complaint with a thoracic aorta aneurysm
    chest pain
  41. posterolateral position must have
    bean bag
  42. do not allow light cord to touch drape because of
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