unit 2- eyes

  1. how do you test for visual acuity?
    • snellen chart
    • rosenbaum chart
    • eye coer
    • ishihara test
  2. how do you test exraocular movements (EOMs)?
    • penlight
    • ophthalmoscope light
    • eye cover
  3. how do you test visual fields?
    eye cover
  4. how do you test external structures?
    • penlight
    • opthalmoscope light
    • use gloves
  5. how do you test/examine internal structures?
  6. what cranial nerve test for visual acuity?
    CN II (optic)
  7. what cranial nerve test for extraocular movements?
    • CN III (oculomotor)
    • CN IV (trochlear)
    • Cn VI (abducens)
  8. what cranial nerve test for visual fields?
    CN II (optic)
  9. what cranial nerve tests corneal light reflex pupillary reaction to light?
    • CN II (optic)
    • CN III (oculomotor)
  10. How do you use the snellen chart?
    • client stands 20 ft from chart
    • evaluate both eyes seperately w/ and w/o correction
    • for each eye cover opposite eye
    • have client read smallest line of print visible
    • the line which 2 or fewer letters are missed is recorded as 20/20
  11. What the first number on a visual acuity test mean? what about the number on the bottom?
    • the number of feet from the chart
    • distance at which a normal-sighted person can read the line
  12. how do you screen for myopia? what is myopia?
    • screen using snellen chart
    • myopia= impaired far vision
  13. how do you screen for presbyopia? what is it?
    • rosenbaum
    • impaired near vision or farsightedness
  14. what does the ishiara test, test for?
    color vision
  15. what are you looking for with a corneal light reflex?
    looking to see if the reflection of light is seen symmetrically on the corneas
  16. what is strabismus and how do you test it?
    • eyes cross or go in opposite directions
    • cover uncover test- covering one eye you ask the client to look in a different direction. the cover is removed and both eyes should be gazing the same direction
  17. whats nystagmus? how do you test it?
    • jerk or tremor like movements
    • six cardinal position of gaze
  18. what is ptosis?
    covering of the pupil by the upper eyelid
  19. the conjunctiva has 2 parts: palberal and bulbar; what color should they be?
    • pink= palberal
    • transparent= bulbar
  20. what does PERRLA stand for?
    • pupils
    • equals
    • round
    • react to light
    • accommodation
  21. what are cataracts?
    cloudiness over the lens
  22. what is indicative of glaucoma?
    a partially illuminated iris
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