1. What is the earth's circumference at the equator?
    24,901.55 miles
  2. What is the earth's circumference between the north and south poles?
    24,859.82 miles
  3. What is the earth's diameter at the equator?
    7,926.28 miles
  4. What is the earth's diameter at the poles?
    7,899.80 miles
  5. What is the average distance from the earth to the sun?
    93,020,000 miles
  6. What is the average distance from the earth to the sun?
    238,857 miles
  7. What is the point farthest from the center of the earth?
    The peak of the volcano Chimborazo in Ecuador at 20,561 feet
  8. age of the earth
    4.5 to 4.6 billion years
  9. Atmosphere content:
    77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and traces of argon, carbon dioxide, and water
  10. revolution around the sun
    365.2425 days
  11. chemical composition of the earth
    34.6% iron, 29.5% oxygen, 15.2% Silicon, 12.7% magnesium, 2.4% nickel, 1.9% sulfur, and 0.05% titanium
  12. Smalles Caribbean island
    Saint mArtin /2
  13. Smaller islands of PR
    mona, monito, vieques, culebra, caja de muerto, desecheo
  14. greater antilles
    cuba, la hispaniola, jamaica, and PR
  15. Largest carribean island
  16. Smallest graeter antille
  17. 4 hemispheres
    north, south, western, eastern
  18. squares in maps to find location
  19. imaginary line that divides earth in N and S hemisphere
  20. divides earth into W and E hemispheres
    prime meridian
  21. lines NS
  22. EW lines
  23. Tropic of capricorn 23.5 S and tropic of cancer 23.5 N
    Ew lines
  24. explain content of map
    symbols and colors
  25. cardinal points
  26. 7 continents
  27. high and low
    cola and warmer
  28. equator has
    tropical climate
  29. height aboe sea level
    a factor that effects the climate of an area
  30. part of earth covered in ice
  31. US states with most national parks
    AL and Cali 8
  32. Indian word meaning big village
  33. hottest temp
    Azizia in Libya with 136º
  34. Only continent w/out deserts
  35. 46% of water in earth
    Pacific ocean
  36. Only US state growing coffee
  37. 6 smallest countries
    Vatican city, Monaco, NAuru, tuvulu, San Marino, and liechtenstein
  38. volcanoes as part of landscape
    COSTA Rica
  39. highest population
  40. 60% of pop lives in
  41. only desert continent
  42. head of GW<TK<TR<AL
    mount rushmore
  43. driest inhabited place in worl
    aswan, egypt
  44. deepest point in earth
    mariana trench
  45. wettest inahbited place
    Buenaventura in colombia
  46. 30% of earth is
  47. NR resources
    coal, oil, petroleum, gold, copper, and iron
  48. R respurce
    animals, trees, animals, and water
  49. 2 factors describe climate
    precipitation and temperature
  50. reason for settlement
    good soil and fresh water
  51. main difference between limate and weather
  52. desert meanong empty quarter
    Rub al KHali in Saudi Arabia
  53. 7 wonders
    great pyramid in egypt, hanging gardens of babylon, statute of zeus at olymppia, temple of artemis at ephesus, mausoleum at halicarnuss, the clossus of rhodes and the lighthouse of alexandra
  54. Parthenon is olocated in
  55. Philipean, lakshadweep islands in arabian sea and andaman and nicobar islands in bay of bengal
    are archipelagos
  56. largest bay of wolrd
    bay of bengal
  57. land jutting out to sea
  58. cape of good hope in south africa, kanya kumari in India, and Cpae kenedy in USa
    ejemplos de capes
  59. the atlantivca na d pacific ocena meet at
    cape horn
  60. largest delta is formed by
    ganga and brahmaputra rivers in west bengal in india and bangledesh
  61. largbest glacier
    Lanbert glacier 64 km wide in australian and antratic territory
  62. largest gulf
    gulf of mexico from cape sable to cabo calochie
  63. largest ahrbor
    new york harbor
  64. largest island
  65. India is surrounded by
    ARAbian Sea, indian ocean, and bay bengal
  66. worlds largest penindsual
    arabia with area abput 3237000 sq, km
  67. strait of megallena in located in
    southern tip of Africa
  68. Longest strait
    strait of malacca 615 km between west malaysia and sumatra
  69. highest waterfall
    angel waterfall in venezuela
  70. longest river
    nile river in egypt
  71. largest delta is created by
    gangas river and Brahmaptura river
  72. largest river
    amazon river
  73. 2 largest rainforest
    amazon basin in SA and congo basin in Africa
  74. Sa is bordered by
    A O and P O
  75. N Pole is located in
    artic ocean
  76. largest canadian lake
    laje winnipeg
  77. great lakes
    lake superior, lake ontario, lake eirie , lake michigan and lake huron
  78. panama canal connecnts
    A O and P O
  79. Dead sea is
    1312 feet below sea level
  80. deepest lake
    Lake baikal in russia
  81. types of bodies of water
    rivers, lakes, oceans
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