Dental Materials

  1. a restoration that temporarily occupies the place of a permanent restoration, typically for upt to 2-3 weeks; in the case of implant and complex prosthodontic and periodontally involved cases, these type of restorations may be required to last for extended periods of time; these restorations are also commonly referred to as temporaries.
    provisional coverage
  2. the continuous margin that borders the preparation to which the restoration is fit or finished; for a cast or porcelain restoration, the circumference of the tooth at this place must be larger than the occlusal/incisal circumference
    finish line
  3. a restoration that covers all or part of the external surface of the tooth and may extend over the cusp tips on the facial or lingual surfaces or may include the removal of cusps, such as onlays, three-quarter crowns, full crowns, and venners
    extracoronal restorations
  4. provisional restorations made on a cast outside the pt's mouth
    indirect fabrication
  5. a restoration within the crown of the tooth, such as an inlay
    intracoronal restoration
  6. provisional restoration made directly inside the pts mouth
    direct fabrication
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Dental Materials
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