spanish 105 verb test

  1. Ser
    to be permanent
  2. Estar
    to be temporary
  3. Necesistar
    to need
  4. Buscar
    to look for, to search, to seek
  5. Mirar
    to look at
  6. Comprar
    to buy
  7. Usar
    to use, to wear
  8. Calzar
    To wear (shoe size)
  9. Llevar
    to carry on, to wear, to take away
  10. Hablar
    to talk, to speak
  11. Trabajar
    to work, to labor
  12. Pagar
    to pay
  13. Estudiar
    to study
  14. Ir
    to go
  15. Dar
    to give
  16. llegar
    to arrive
  17. Entrar
    to enter, to go in to
  18. Ensenar
    to teach, to show
  19. Escuchar
    to listen
  20. Prestar
    to lend, to pay attention
  21. Tomar
    to take, to greet
  22. Sacar
    to take out, to make a good grade
  23. Bailar
    to dance
  24. Cantar
    to sing
  25. Preparar
    to prepare
  26. Ver
    to see
  27. Leer
    to read
  28. Comer
    to eat
  29. Beber
    to drink
  30. Desear
    to want, to wish, to desire
  31. Incluir
    to include
  32. Vender
    to sell
  33. Comprender
    to understand
  34. Aprender
    to learn
  35. Escriber
    to write
  36. Recibir
    to recieve, to catch
  37. vivir
    to live
  38. cumplir
    to have a pirthday, to complete, to accomplish
  39. invitar
    to invite
  40. subir
    to go up to lift
  41. empezar
    to begin, to start
  42. comenzar
    to begin, to start
  43. querer
    to want, to wish, to love
  44. tener
    to have
  45. preferir
    to prefer
  46. venir
    to come
  47. calentar
    to heat up
  48. cerrar
    to shut
  49. Pensar
    to think
  50. perder
    to lose
  51. devolver
    to return something
  52. volver
    to return
  53. poder
    to be able to
  54. dormir
    to sleep
  55. morir
    to die
  56. colgar
    to hang up
  57. sonar
    to dream
  58. contar
    to tell a story, to count
  59. almorzar
    to have lunch
  60. mover
    to move
  61. jugar
    to play
  62. tirar
    to throw
  63. lanzar
    to kick, to pitch
  64. ganar
    to win, to earn
  65. bloquear
    to block
  66. parar
    to stop
  67. marcar
    to marck a parer, to score
  68. meter
    to put in
  69. batear
    to bat, to hit
  70. correr
    to run
  71. atrapar
    to catch
  72. driblar
    to dribble
  73. pasar
    to pass, to speend a weekend, pass a car
  74. encestar
    to put in, to score a goal
  75. gustar
    to like
  76. interesar
    to intrest
  77. aburrir
    to bore
  78. toser
    to cough
  79. creer
    to believe, to think
  80. examinar
    to examine
  81. abrir
    to open
  82. guardar
    to gaurd, to stay in bed, to put away
  83. recetar
    to prescribe
  84. despachar
    to sell
  85. nadar
    to swim
  86. esquiar
    to ski
  87. bucear
    to go snorkiling, to go SCUBA diving
  88. practicar
    to practice
  89. volar
    to fly
  90. estornudar
    to snezee
  91. creer
    to believe
  92. abrir
    to open
  93. medir
    to measure
  94. pesar
    to weigh
  95. Inyectar
    to inject
  96. vacunar
    to vaccinate
  97. bajar
    to go down
  98. viajar
    to travel
  99. disfrutar
    to enjoy
  100. salir
    to leave
  101. hacer
    to do, to make
  102. presentar
    to present, to introduce
  103. aplaudir
    to applaud, to clap
  104. llamar
    to call
  105. doler
    to ache
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