1. In Pele's Appeal, this quote was said by whom?
    "This energy of geothermal belongs to a deity that has lived for hundreds of years and is very much alive, very much visible, very much respected."
    Pualani Kanahele
  2. What is a native Hawaiian's spiritual belief of Pele?
    She is a living deity
  3. wa: Hale Mau Mau
    Pele, Pele's home
  4. wa: Hula
    Form of story telling
  5. What is Ahupua'a?
    Division of land that goes out to, and includes, the sea
  6. What kind of water makes up a walled Loko'ia?
    Brackish water (mixture of fresh and salt water)
  7. What is the most popular fish raised in the Loko'ia?
    Grey Mullet
  8. Why was the depth of the Loko'ia no more than 2 - 3 feet?
    So the sun could penetrate that water to grow Limu (seaweed)
  9. wa: Mauka
  10. wa: Kona
    Dry side of the island (Leeward)
  11. wa: Loko'ia
    Fish Pond
  12. wa: O'opu
    Fresh water fish
  13. wa: Hihiwai
    Fresh water opihi
  14. wa: Ko'olau
  15. wa: Trade winds
    Prevailing winds
  16. What grows in Lo'i?
    • O'ohu (fresh water fish)
    • Opai (fresh water shrimp)
    • e.c. Crayfish
  17. What was the Makaha in the Loko'ia used for?
    Controls the flow of the water in and out of the Loko'ia
  18. Why are 'Auwai systems so important to the Lo'i, besides watering?
    Circulate the cold water around the kalo
  19. What is the difference between wetland and dryland cultivation of kalo?
    Taste is different, wetland produces 5x more kalo than dryland
  20. What other food source was grown in the Lo'i?
    • Opai (fresh water shrimp)
    • Hihiwai (fresh water shellfish/opihi)
    • O'opu (fresh water fish)
    • Crayfish
  21. At one time there were kalo patches throughout the Ahupua'a of?
  22. What county is the island of Kaho'olawe in?
  23. Name the highest point on Kaho'olawe
    Moaula (Pu'u Moa'ulanui)
  24. What is the directional point for navigation on Kaho'olawe?
  25. Both Kaho'olawe and Lana'i were used as a
    • Penal Colony
    • ec: Kaho'olawe = men
    • Lanai = women
  26. By Martial Law, when was Kaho'olawe taken over by the military?
    Dec. 8, 1941 (one day after Pearl Harbor)
  27. Besides the U.S. what other countries were involved in the bombing of Kaho'olawe?
    Japan, Australia, Canada
  28. What is the name of the crater created by a 2000 lb. bomb?
    Sailor's hat
  29. Who were the 2 native hawiians who lost their lives protesting the military on Kaho'olawe?
    • George Helms and Kimo Mitchel
    • ec: Harry Mitchel = Kimo Mitchel's father
  30. What year was Kaho'olawe turned over from the military to the state of Hawai'i?
  31. wa: Pu'u
  32. wa: Lua
    • Pit
    • ec: another word used for bathroom
  33. Code name for Hydrogen Bomb
  34. Half life is the story of what Pacific Island group?
    Marshall Islands
  35. How many H-bombs & A-bombs have been exploded in these islands?
  36. Where was Bravo first used and when?
    • Bikini Atoll
    • March 1, 1954
  37. What does Mea No'eau mean?
    Skillfully created work
  38. wa: 'Ahu'ula
    Cloak, feather cape
  39. wa: Lei Hulu
    Feathered lei
  40. wa: Aesthetic
    Visual, expression
  41. wa: Function
    Anything that can be used (tools, fish hooks, weapons, pottery, kapa, canoe)
  42. wa: Mea No'eau
    Combination of Aesthetic and Function
  43. Kapa
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