Word Smart 1

  1. abash
    to make ashamed; to embarrass
  2. abhor
    to hate very, very much; to detest
  3. banal
    unoriginal; ordinary
  4. belabor
    to go over repeatly or to an absurd extent
  5. cacophony
    the harsh-sounding mixture of words, voices, or sounds
  6. candor
    truthfulness; sincere honesty
  7. daunt
    to make fearful; to intimidate
  8. debilitate
    to weaken; to cripple
  9. ebullient
    boiling; bubbling with excitement; exuberant
  10. effusion
    a pouring forth
  11. fabrication
    a lie; something made up
  12. garrulous
    talkative; chatty
  13. hackneyed
    overused; trite; stale
  14. iconoclast
    one who attacks popular beliefs or institutions
  15. judicious
    exercising sound judgement
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Word Smart 1
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