Dental Materials

  1. a long-chain, high molecular weight molecule produced by the linking of many low molecular weight monomer molecules
  2. low molecular weight molecules that are joined to form polymers; as used in dentistry, they are usually liquids
  3. the act of forming polymers; the process can be activated by chemicals, heat, or light
  4. the joining of adjacent long chain polymers by bonding of short chains along their sides
    cross-linked polymers
  5. common form of polymerization for dental materials; monomer molecules are added one to another sequentially as the reactive greoup on one molecule initiates bonding with an adjacent monomer molecule and frees another reactive group (free radical) to repeat the process
    addition polymerization
  6. a reactive group on one end of a monomer that initiates the joining of adjacent monomer molecules to form a polymer
    free radical
  7. a polymer composed of numerous methyl methacrylate monomers linked together into a long chain
    poly (methyl methacrylate)
  8. liquid added to acrylic resin to soften it and make it moore pliable
  9. numerous microscopic holes or voids within a material; often caused during polymerization of resins when monomer vaporizes and is lost; can also be caused by entrapping of air during mixing of powder and liquid
  10. a device used for the replacement of missing tissues. it can serve both cosmetic and functional roles
  11. a soft liner that is used in pts who have problems with hard acrylic denture bases; it is expected to last for 1-3 yrs
    long-term soft liner
  12. a soft provisional liner used to improve tissue health; also called a tissue conditioner; typically, it lasts from a few days to a few weeks
    short-term soft liner
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