History Facts

  1. Roosevent wrote the roosevelt corollary and had the what constructed?
    Panama Canal
  2. The People should Organize and get their rightful share of-
    wealth and resources.
  3. Who was and allied contry and lot its territory durring wwi?
  4. Central European Boundrys
    Changed alot during the war.
  5. Poll Tax and literacy test stopped who from voting?
    Black men.
  6. Means we take over a country and educate and lift them up.
  7. what were the two reasons unions were formed for?
    More pay, And Better working conditions.
  8. the US joined the WWI because of Germanys Unrestricted....
    Submarine Warfare
  9. Ford invented the Assembly line....
    ...cars lead to growing subburbs
  10. .............Encouraged woman to enter politics.
    Lucretia Mott
  11. Freedom of Press
    was put in the Bill of rights to spread info to unify the Collonies.
  12. The constitution...
    guarenteed americans a fair and speedy trial.
  13. Industriallization contributed to unions
    because it created low wages, low skill jobs making workers easy to replace.
  14. Worked to reform social conditions in the cities, she said the people were responsible for change, not the government.
    Jane Addams.
  15. Primary Sourses
    must have been at the sight of the incident
  16. Why was the auto industry great for the economy?
    because of the need for glass rubber steel paint and gasoline.
  17. Sherman anti trust act
    attempteds to stop monoplies
  18. Open door policy
    allowed the us to do buisness with china
  19. Elivators helped
    construct taller buildings
  20. growth of Railroads
    did not lead to a shortage of raw materials like steel and wood
  21. Susan B Anthony
    worked for woman suffrage
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